Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Xanthum Gum: Is It Healthy?

Now that I'm getting into uncommon, healthy ingredients, I keep seeing Xanthum gum. I don't know about you, but that just sounds so chemical to me. Alas, it just keeps popping up! In recipes, in food labels - I even saw it for sale in bulk at my local health food store! That, people, was the last straw. I had to do a little research on this mystery subject. I was really surprised by what I found.

Xanthum gum is actually....... SUGAR made from CORN! This is no natural substance my friend. You can't go out and pick a pack of xanthum gum or tap xanthum gum from a maple tree. First, you have to start out with glucose or sucrose and ferment it by using the Xanthomonas campestris bacterium. The result is, you guessed it: xanthum gum.

If you'd like to read up some more on xanthum gum and it's properties, check out this post I found at The Fit Shack here or you could always go to the good old trusty wikipedia and check it out here.

All in all, I've decided that personally I do not consider this a healthy eating alternative, health food store or not.

You know what? It feels good to be making educated decisions involving what I choose to put or not put into my body. Empowerment is pretty sweet. Ahhhh the internet! Making my life easier one click at a time. (:

UPDATE ON THE NEW CAMERA: Should be coming soooon! I absolutely cannot wait! I think I've decided to go with a cannon rebel instead of a nikon. I just really like them more now that I've tried them both out in the store. Seriously excited.

Stay tuned for a blog on snacking! (Since obviously, I'm the queen)

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