Thursday, April 15, 2010

iMap My Fun

Dinner was amazingggggg! Just look at the SIZE of this chicken breast!

That's no small bowl people! This bad boy was probably a good eight ounces! And mmmm was it good! I also had a handful of candy while I was chilling at the gym waiting for my little soccer kids to show up. This handful included:

  • 1 hershey kiss
  • 3 starbursts
  • 1 bite-sized dark chocolate milky way
  • 1 bite-sized 3 musketeer
I do so love candy, plus I'm a firm believer in letting yourself have little treats. I think if you don't, you end up binge eating an entire BAG of candy! Not saying I have or anything... ish....

Anyway! I feel as though I didn't eat as much as I normally do. I'm going to correct this byyyyy going out tonight! It's thirsty thursday baby! So I'm going to go upstairs and get prettified (I'll start by washing my face since I just finished my run). 

Speaking of my run! I used this sweet website/iphone app called iMap My Run. I totally love it! I just go to the website, put in where I want to start running which is normally my house and then I can map out a route anywhere in the world. It tells you how long it is and if you put in your time, it will tell you other useful tidbits. Like for instance, tonight I ran 3.35 miles in 32:11.9 burning 353 calories and averaging about 9:34 a mile. 

This may very well be my new favorite toy. Check it out for sure! I now have to go get ready, look forward to tomorrow - I've got some super smoothie news (:

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