Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Late Start!

Umm wow, so yeah I totally slept in late. As in like noon late. At least I'm well rested today!  I must have totally needed it because though I do love love LOVE sleep, I try to arise much earlier than this on a daily basis lol

Plan for today = busy!

  1. Bake these delicious looking cookies on VeganBooty's site! Mmm can't wait to show you these!
  2. Map out a 4 mile run and go for it since it's such a beautifuuuul day outside
  3. Tennis Wednesday with my favorite Sarah
  4. Study chem
  5. Dinner and a movie at work with the boy (love)
All I've eaten since I've been up is this yummy pink lady and an entire carton of strawberries.

That's all I have, for now it's Cookie Time!


  1. such a fun blog! I am loving reading about all your workouts and food! I made a decision today to lose 10 lbs (My husband and I got on the scale last night and somehow I have gained the newly wed nine and he has lost 15 pounds!) Ps. I love green monsters - there are a few on my blog, but my personal fave is banana, OJ, spinach, flax seed and wheat grass. SO good.

  2. mmm definitely going to try that stat! i've actually never had wheat grass though, i've got mixed feelings about it lol

    i'll let you know for sure how that turns out haha (: