Sunday, May 2, 2010

Relay for Life

It's been a hot minute since the last time I posted! Sorry for the delay, but this past weekend we had the Relay for Life at the sports complex where I work. Just like last year, the event was spectacular! I had a great time! It always feels good to help out a charity or organization like that and the amount of fun I had was just insane.

What didn't feel good, however, was all the JUNK I mindlessly ingested all weekend long. I woke up feeling like I was going to hurl from all the sugar. Whoops.

Though I tried to make good food choices whenever I could, there really wasn't much to be found. I grabbed up fresh fruit whenever possible, but I also devoured cookies, cupcakes and kettlecorn like it was my job. As if that wasn't enough, it also happened to be my birthday and my family was bringing me sweets left and right! I mean, the thought was nice, but my food baby later? Not so much.

Time for: A Healthy Food Detox! That's right people, nothing but good food for me for a quite a while. In fact, I think I'll go start right now! Later loves (:

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