Monday, April 19, 2010

The Mega Post

Okay, I have a TON to write about! So get ready and buckle in.

My trip home was totally amazing, but I was a little too busy running around and visiting my family to post anything so here is a little recap. Saturday I woke up and went straight to the gym for a little sweat session and mmm it felt so good!

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but trust me the inside is beautifullll! It really makes me wish I lived back home again, the gyms around here are just so small. Sigh.

After that, I ran to my favorite hometown store:

ROSS! So many cute cute cute pairs of shoes! Here are just a few of my favorites.

These Steve Maddens were marked down to $20.00 - sadly 
though, they were just a little bit too tight in the front for my liking

These were some Carlos Santana's. I've actually been surprised 
by his collection, there are quite a few pieces I like from it.

I absolutely loved these heels by Joey! They were on 
clearance for $16.00 and it was hard to chose between these
and the pair I ended up purchasing:

These BCBGeneration heels for - oh yes - $19.99. Thankkk 
youuu Ross. These are almost identical to the Jessica Simpson
Kurt heels I was thinking about dropping $60 on!

As if that wasn't enough to completely make my trip, I also stopped at ULTA later that night to find that all of their Warren Tricomi products were on sale - 85% off! I picked up a ton of shampoo and conditioner as well as a hair masque and some strength renewal that normally would have cost me well over $100 for around 23 bucks. I was in heaven. I've also decided to go home wayyyy more often!

Earlier today, I made a stop at TJ Maxx and saw they also had Warren Tricomi haircare for slightly more than I paid at ULTA, but still a good deal!

Since I'm already talking about TJ Maxx, I'd like to point out that you can find wayyy more than just awesome shoes, clothes and beauty products there - it's ideal for workout equipment, activewear and even healthfood sometimes! Every TJ Maxx has an activewear section where you can find cheap pants and sports bras. I found my favorite pair of Nike Fit capris at the Maxx! And somewhere near the clothing should be a section for equipment.

They almost always have stability balls, 2 - 8 lb weights, resistance bands and cords and fitness DVDs. Half of the stuff in my little home gym came from here. You can also find really good deals on sneakers, like these Under Armours on display for thirty bucks.

I've also found Saucony, Nike and Asics here before. And since I'm addicted to running shoes (weird I know), it's totally awesome to be able to find GOOD shoes at CHEAP prices.

Now when healthy food is concerned, TJ Maxx is a little hit and miss - you'd be surprised what you could find there however! Just today, I found a random assortment of natural and organic foods including: olive oils, pasta sauces, teas, coffees, drinks, and cookies!

There was even a small display of eco-cleaners, can you believe it?

So! I hope this makes you all appreciate your local TJ Maxx just a little bit more! And if I could find all of these things in Smalltown, USA, just imagine what you could find. (:

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