Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remember me

It's been a while! Between school and work, I've basically fall off the edge of the planet. But the end is finally near! Only three more weeks before finals and I simply cannot WAIT till summer! I've got all sorts of fun plans including but not limited to:

1. Running as much as possible (my first 5k is two weekends from now)
2. Farmers markets every saturday
3. Living by the lake
4. Swimming pool parties and bon fires
5. Multiple, multiple trips to NYC

Recently, I've also become very interested in the raw food lifestyle so look forward to many posts on that subject in the near future. I'm thinking about basically starting a photo food diary to keep on here as well - fun, right? I can't wait!

PS - Did anyone happen to check out the Clinique sale at today? I totally missed it! I bet there were some deals there too. So sad...

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