This is me! My name is Alycia and I'm totally stoked to meet you! I'm just a 23 year old girl stumbling along through the world (due to my crippling clumsiness) trying to have some fun and stay fit in the process.

more info.
I think my passion started at a young age due to my father. He's crazy into health and exercise. Like literally crazy. I can remember him waking my brother and I up on Saturday mornings in the summer to go running. He's the kind of guy who likes to see how many different ways he can lose weight. Like I said: crazy.

Though I was introduced to fitness early on, I never really practiced it regularly. I participated in sports in high school and once in college, I would randomly go running or take a yoga class, but nothing with any degree of consistency. It wasn't until I transfered schools that I really started to take an interest in working out. My new gym was incredible! An enormous, multi-million dollar facility compared to the small, dorm-room sized one I was used to. On top of that, they also offered fitness classes (free of charge!) all week long. I got into kickboxing, spinning, yoga, zumba - you name it, I did it.

Now that I was working out, I decided to make some changes to my diet as well. A girl who once used to scoff at vegetables became an all-out vegan. Oh yeah, you better believe it. Although I eventually returned to a diet that included animal products (due mostly to the fact that I was eating mostly processed soy with such a busy schedule and no time to cook), I try now to eat mainly whole, natural foods and stay away from anything with words I can't pronounce.

random facts.
1. From being a complete klutz, I have what my boyfriend affectionately calls "crackhead legs".
2. Although I'm almost completely Italian, I'm pretty much albino pale. I like to blame it on the 1/8 of me that's Ukrainian
3. I have never once in my life gone tanning (obviously, I mean just look at me) or smoked a cigarette (gross).
4. I'm addicted to heels, sad but true.
5. If I could eat cereal for every meal of the day, uhhh I totally would.
6. I'm the oldest of five kids (not the mention the best)
7. My hair could be described as: crazy, messy or insane.
8. I'm a secret raver shhhhh don't tell anyone!
9. I love love LOVE techno music (see number eight).
10. A little fact I live by: If there's something going on that I really don't feel like going to - I always go. You have the best times when you don't really plan to.
11. I can't stand being in the same place for too long and I make it a point to go out of state at least once a month.
12. My favorite number is four. No idea why.
13. Even though I'm only like 5'5", I am a straight amazon compared to the short little girls around here!
14. I'm pretty awesome at poi when it comes right down to it.
15. I often use words like straight, wicked, totally and for sure. Hope you don't mind.

pictorial fun.
This is the part where I post a few random pictures from the recent happenings in my life just to give you guys a good idea of the silly, crazy and random things I do.

ps - I'm one of those girls who makes retarded faces when the camera is turned on them. My bad.

the bests.
Three of my absolute favorite people:

My very best friend who believes that studying in China is more important than wasting his life away with me. Sigh.

My partner in crime! You never see one without the other - we're thinking about making it official one day in the near future.

The crazzzziest girl EVER to come out of Bangladesh! And you only think I'm kidding. Spend an hour or two with her and I think you'll agree with me.

contact me.
If you need to get at me, just drop me a comment or drop me a line at fitnfreshblog @ gmail dot com and I'll be sure to get back to you (: