Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love fruit

As promised, I'm going to start posting the things I eat as a kind of visual food diary (is it sad that I'm so lazy I don't feel like writing everything down?). For breakfast this morning, I had a delicious bowl of fruit!

An orange and a pink lady apple mmm! I love sweet apples, but I'm not a big fan of the tart ones like granny smith - yuck. Then for lunch, I had some almond butter and organic blueberry preserves on sprouted grain bread:

So good I almost forget to stop and take a picture before devouring it! I also threw in an enormous bowl of air popped organic popcorn, but in the end I only had a few handfuls before realizing that bread really fills me up! I'm off now to lay out a bit (maybe if this weather would decide what it wants to do) before soccer!


I just happened to stumble upon this little black lace dress on Forever 21's website - $15.80! Click on the picture if you want the link. This totally would have been a buy for me, but sadly they don't have any smalls left. You better believe I'm heading to F21 after soccer to see if they have it in my store! Wish me luckkk!

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