Friday, May 28, 2010

Food and Flea Markets

Yesterday was just a whole day filled with good eats! After the s'mores oatmeal (killer) I was in a cooking mood and since I knew I had to work most of the day, I decided to have a bigger home-cooked lunch rather than a large dinner. I've been dying to try my hand at making veggie burgers and Beth's Easy Homemade Veggie Burgers seemed just too delicious to pass up! So I ran out and bought the few necessary ingredients, which included kale! A veggie I have never tried! No worries guys, we became fast friends. I'm making us BFF bracelets as you read this.

I threw all the ingredients in the food processor (minus the basil because I totally forgot to grab it at the store - rookie mistake!), chopped it all up for a bit and then formed the mixture into two patties.

Threw them on the stove for a couple minutes per side and voila! Veggie burgers!!

The perfect compliment to any burger in my opinion? French fries and watermelon. The veggie burger was really quite good, but I think it would have had more zip to it if I hadn't forgetten the basil. It was just slightly bland, but that was easily disguised with the ten gallons of ketchup I ate it with. Mmmm ketchupy goodness.

I saved the other one for a rainy day, I'm thinking about smashing it up and stuffing it in a wrap for lunch sometime this week. Yay or nay? All in all, I would definitely make these again. They were so easy and quick to make and I am very impressed with Miss Beth! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

Dinner was also stellar as well.

A California roll with a house salad and ginger dressing. I have a serious love connection with sushi. I could probably eat it daily and never get tired of it. However, I sometimes cheat on sushi with ginger dressing. It's a crazy little Japanese love triangle, I know.

Unfortunately I suffered a small injury while trying to rip into the aluminum packaging like some kind of starved rabid animal.

My pride was only consolable by what laid inside.

Crying Crisis: Averted.

fit happenings.
Today I had planned on laying low since race day (!) is tomorrow, but I'm always down for a little spontaneity. My friend Kelly and her parents invited me to go to Roger's Flea Market, which is apparently a big deal. This place was enormous. They had all sorts of crazy things! No lie, a lady was selling baby foxes. Baby foxes!!

They. Were. ADORABLE. The seller said you treat them just like a dog! I was intrigued, but also a little hesitant. I'm pretty sure you'd need some kind of license or permit in order to have a pet fox so the operation seemed a little shady to me. Still - ADORABLE!

I also learned a fun new fact while haggling for fresh produce. There are male and female eggplants! I know, I was shocked too. The difference, Mr. Produce Seller explained, was in the seeds. Female eggplants have small seeds and male eggplants have large seeds. How can you tell one from the other, you ask? Why you look at their bottoms! Male eggplants have a circular indentation on the bottom while female eggplants have oval, slit-like indentations. Huh. Go figure. I can't believe I have lived my life so ignorant to the delicate anatomy of eggplants! I feel ashamed...

Flea market eats weren't exactly the healthiest, but I can't be held accountable for my actions. At a random ice cream vendor (one of about 50), I saw THIS:

Look towards the bottom. See it? Buckeye Bites. Yeah there was no way that wasn't going down.

Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate ripples and whole buckeyes!! I'm still speechless. It was the best ice cream I've ever had. I split it with Kelly though because I'm such a good friend.

We walked everywhereeee trying to find something semi-healthy to eat, but it just wasn't happening. So I settled on the healthiest food I could find:

Doused in vinegar. Magnifique. What kind of food do you guys eat when you're dealing with vendors that mainly sell things like deep fried oreos?

It was a really fun trip and when I got to work, I unloaded all my produce booty.

  • one (female) eggplant
  • one bundle of asparagus
  • 1/2 pound of cherries
  • one bundle of green seedless grapes
  • bushel of local (huge!) strawberries
  • three peaches
All of this for the low low price of ten dollars! I was straight giddy with happiness! Those strawberries are just begging to be covered in chocolate. Or maybe not covered in chocolate ala HowSweetEats!

I know this was a crazy long post, but I promise I'm done now! Rest your eyes little bloggies and I'll see you tomorrow with a race recap - I'm off to whittle my middle (:


  1. Ok, I'M speechless and I didn't even have the buckeye ice cream! YUM! Your fries look delish too, and so does that veggie burger! So much good food in this post. And I can't believe they had baby foxes there. Kind of scary, but soo cute!

  2. looks like a fun day at the market! Pet foxes? Yea there is something shady about that!
    When i am presented with all unhealthy options...i do the best I can and typically split with my hubby. That ice cream looks amazing! I heart buckeyes!

  3. You read my mind about the foxes. I'm pretty sure that's not okay! :) Cute though!

  4. I have an ongoing love affair with sushi too. ;)

    Love the look of those veggie burgers. I'd love to try making my own like that, but I'm so lazy haha!

  5. Foxes?? That's crazy! But I think he looks pretty cute :)

    PS- I love inexpensive produce finds--- SCORE!

  6. Ohh I'm so glad you tried the veggie burgers! I do think the basil makes a big difference but I just loved the texture of these ones!