Friday, May 21, 2010


A lot of people in the blog-o-sphere seem to be relying on Google Reader to keep track of all their blog fixes. I tried this for a short while, but it just didn't really work out for me. I hated the way it was set up and the site wasn't exactly appealing to the eye. Enter: Bloglovin.

I originally found this site through the fashion blogworld, but I use it to manage all my blogs now. So here's a little preview of Bloglovin - maybe you'll find it easier too!

This is the main site. You can sign up or login in through here. They also let you save your login information so if you want, you never really have to see the main page. Once logged in, you will be directed here:

Your blog management! All your blogs will be listed in order from newest posted to last seen and each one will have a little preview picture from the post as well as the first few sentences so you can get a feel for each post. You can easily mark a blog as read or unread by scrolling over the picture for the post like so:

If you really like the post you're reading - Like it! Bloglovin keeps track of all your liked posts and you can go back to them by viewing your Liked posts on the side. You can also organize your blogs by category and that's shown along the side too.

Yeahhh, it's pretty sweet. Now, when you want to view the post in it's entirety, just click on the preview and it will bring you straight to the blog it belongs to.

The only difference will be the small toolbar on the bottom like so.

Once you've finished reading/commenting on the post, just click next to go to the next unread post in your blog reel! You can also like a post from the toolbar. Convenient? I think so. And if you decide you don't want the toolbar there anymore, just click the X and bye byeee bloglovin.

I absolutely LOVE this site! I think it's so much more user friendly than Google Reader and it makes my addiction to blogs way more controllable. Hopefully it will help you guys out as well - check it out! (:


  1. Umm I love this. I use Google Reader normally but this looks awesome- thanks SO much for posting about it!! :)

  2. i know right?! soooo much better - i'm glad you like it (:

  3. awesome! so going to check it out

  4. ooooh dear, another way to make it EASIER for me to procrastinate... this could be dangerous! :) looks great!