Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pale Power

Today I had the pleasure of discovering a fantastic new (to me) blog - The Healthy Apron. It was love at first post! And one of the first things I've decided to do thanks to this super awesome site is support the Ban The Tan Movement. Being pale-tastic myself, I have already taken on many of the views against tanning and tanning salons that other pretty pales stand behind. But, as Erin said, it's time to USE MY VOICE.

For the next 30 days, I'm going to be proactive about my skincare. Look forward to daily posts/tweets on something new each day! Today, I decided to try what I read in The Healthy Apron and eat 2 oz of dark chocolate. Ahh it was just torturous! I've no idea how I'm going to get through the rest of this month! (:

Seriously though, if it tastes this good to protect my skin, my body will feel baby smooth in no time. As if I need more reasons to slap my boyfriend's hands away from me!

If you haven't read Erin's killer post on skin protection, check it out here STAT!

fit happenings.
I found an awesome recipe for vegetable curry that I will be showing no mercy towards tomorrow night (recipe to follow), but I needed to run out and grab a few things I didn't have on hand and that meant - Cindy's.

This is one of those health food stores that smells a little like your grandmother's house. In a good way, of course. Although some of the items sold here are ridiculously overpriced (no lie, I've seen Kashi cereal here for $6.00!! that's twice the amount I could get it at the store), sometimes you can find yourself some gold. And that's exactly what I did today when I went straight to the bulk bins!

I re-upped on my chia seeds since I'd used the remainder of what I have for those delicious chocolate vegan overnight oats last night and grabbed from ginger root for the recipe.

I also saw some Sunspire dark chocolate chips! The ingredient list looked pretty banging so I picked up some of them as well.

I may or may not have sample one or two dozen of them. Chocolate is too yummy for it's own good. After running a few errands, it was time for my very last Lil Kicks class! *sad face* I know I've mentioned Lil Kicks before, but I'm not sure if I ever actually explained what it was. Basically, I teach children aged 3-6 soccer! And I love it!! I don't know how I'm going to make it to fall...

Snapped a quick picture of myself before heading out the door - please note the crazy dirty hair and clothing. I'm such a grody things sometimes, but hey a little filth never hurt anyone, right? .....right?! Please someone agree with me!!

Okay loves, I'm off to feed my growling tummy (it just rules me sometimes, honestly) and then I'm heading out with some of the girls! Always a great time. Hope you guys have the same (:


  1. love the healthy apron! Read the sun exposure post this morning. I am trying to be more careful, too!

  2. Awesome!! This post put a HUGE smile on my face!! I'm SO super excited that you share my enthusiam with this movement!! Oh and dark chocolate?? Great addition, glad I didn't have to twist your arm too much lol.
    ps. I would love to put up a brief interview with you on my blog. Something about this movement! Email me if interested and I will send you some questions!