Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Falafel Fun

Yesterday was a totally gloomy day. The kind of day where you just want to tuck under your covers (or your boyfriends covers in my case since his bed is absurdly more comfortable than mine) and waste the day away lounging in your pjs, eating in bed and catching up on all those blogs you've been meaning to read - via lap top of course. Ahhh bliss.

You know, I think I can actually hear reality laughing at me.

Begrudgingly, I rallied myself for the rain and realized that only one thing could turn this day around. Take-out Tuesday. Yep, that's right. Take-out Tuesday. It's a new little thing happening once a week here in the world of Fit n Fresh. Everyone else has a fun day of the week to look forward to so hey, why not yours truly?

And I just so happened to know exactly where I wanted to go for the first official Take-out Tuesday. A tiny little medditeranean place called Ghossain's.

Not only is the signage completely adorable - cause that would have been enough to suck me in right there - but I heard from a very reliable source that they have falafels! 

Falafels = One Happy Tummy.

My tummy thanks me. Not only was the falafel DELICIOUS, but they also had an assortment of killer homemade hummuses (hummi? spell check on the plural please?), pitas, pita chips, dinners and tons of other yummy looking stuff. I walked out of there with the BEST hummus I have ever had - black bean. This stuff is like a fiesta in your mouth! In fact, instead of walking out, I'm fairly certain I threw in a little flamenco. Don't laugh! Once I demolish this pack of hummus - and that will be soon I assure you - I already have my eye on a new flavor: parmesan. God bless those amazing Greeks at ghossains!

fresh eats.
In keeping with trying as many new things as possible as fast as I can (what can I say? I'm like a kid on crack when it comes to decisions), I found a recipe at for pumpkin overnight oats. I've never made overnight oats before but due to my obsession with pumpkin, I was sure I'd eat them even if they tasted like crap.

Thankfully they didn't though - they tasted AWESOME.

Let's get a little closer, shall we?

Wow. So good. I topped mine off with crushed shredded wheat, maple syrup, crushed walnuts and a little bit of brown sugar. To die for, I'm telling you. If you like pumpkin, march yourself to your kitchen and make this right now. Ill just say you're welcome now since I'm sure you'll be singing my thanks in the morning.

Lunch was obviously the glorious falafel I mentioned earlier. I consumed that bad boy in under five seconds while my boyfriend watched in what I'm going to assume was abject disgust. Good thing he's stuck with me otherwise I might have been forced to slow down.

Dinner was another salad. You can say I am currently blessed with an overabundance of lettuce. I couldn't bring myself to spend 3$ on a single bag when I could spend 6$ on an enormous tub. You'd be correct in assuming I'm not the type of girl to go to Sam's Club often for fear of spending my entire paycheck. Looks like I'll be having salads all week!

This one had chickpeas, goat cheese, cucumbers, black olives and red onion. I went with this Parmesan asiago balsamic vinaigrette today, it's one of my favorites mmmm!

Later on, I snacked on a lot of unpictured pita chips with black bean hummus as well as a bowl of blueberries finished off with cool whip. If you don't know by now - I loveeee cool whip. Like ridiculously love. Like I eat it by the spoonful when I think no one's looking love. Like I've written poems about it on my notebooks love. It's sad I know.

Well chickies I'm off! I have a hot date with the boyfriend and Mr Soprano. Nothing's more romantique than watching a bunch of italians off each other. At least not to my boyfriend.

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  1. Falafel is literally my favorite! I am SO upset that I cannot eat at this restaurant for lunch today! haha
    I had pita pit falafel on Tuesday night which was SUPER delicious! yum!