Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thai me up

Good afternoon ladies! I hope you all had a good night/morning. After work last night, I took a really nice, relaxing bath and painted my toenails the cutest shade of summer pink. I felt totally spoiled - by myself lol. Now let's get to it!

fresh eats.
My sweetheart of a boyfriend lost a bet loves me sooo much that he took me to a new Thai restaurant for lunch today! Oh Thai food, why must you be so far away? Unfortunately, the closest Thai place is half an hour from here, but no distance is too far for this girl to travel in order to get her hands on some yummy pad thai!

This place used wayyy less vegetables than most of the other pad thai's I've had in the past and the original meal came with chicken and shrimp which is also unusual, but I subbed them out for tofu instead. With all these differences, it still tasted divine! The tofu I think is always the hardest to cook right and it was delicious, totally soaked up the peanut sauce. My poor culture-shocked boyfriend just ordered the sesame chicken which I didn't take a picture of because I was starving and I'm pretty sure I was ten seconds away from taking a bite out of my camera. If the food had taken a few minutes longer, you may have had no pictures at all!

At the end, the waiter brought us both a fortune cookie? It was more a mesh of chinese/japanese/thai food than I had originally thought, but hey I never turn down a fortune cookie. And my fortune was, well it was plain awesome.

Oh yeah. The chinese fortune cookie writers are so wise. New inspirational quote of the month? I think so.

fit happenings.
So it's official! I am going to be running the Cure Thirst Half-Marathon in Youngstown September 4!

This will be my first half-marathon. I'm nervous, but I'm also really excited! I can't wait to just run it, even though it's like 4 months away. Speaking of races, I'm off to run! I'm gonna try out my nike+ tonight - stay tuned!


  1. Yea for half marathons! I'm training for my first one in August...

    I have a Nike+, too. I know a lot of people have had problems with them, but I like mine so far! Calibrating it is the only thing to make sure to do when you first use it- mine was pretty off!

  2. Congrats girl on your first half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay !!! U will rock it out,dont worry at all!!!!!

    Loving the thai food, what a good boyfriend you have!!!!

    Have a great run and gnite!!!! xoxo

  3. Mine was off by a quarter of a mile when I first got it. I was shocked when I ran my first race and thought I was almost finished and I wasn't even close.

  4. "Lost a bet" haha too funny! How have I never had pad thai?! Ahhh! CONGRATS on the half! If I have one piece of advice it's to be smart about your training because I was not and ended up with a stress fracture a few weeks before the race. You will do great though! And I'm kind of obsessed with that fortune. It's so true :)

  5. wow! I've always wanted to try a half marathon but my knees aren't up to it I don't think! Goodluck!!
    ps. never had pad thai before either!!

  6. I looooove pad thai! Yum. and fortune cookies, even though they're not thai. ha.

    Congrats on your half marathon!! I am looking for one to sign up for this year, too.

  7. Woooo congrats on signing up for a race! I still remember my first half marathon (which was 3 years ago) and the feeling afterwards is amazing!!!! Have a great run :)

  8. thanks guys for the encouragement! you are all the best (: