Thursday, May 27, 2010


Morning all you beautiful bloggies! Let's start this day off right, shall we? And what better way to do that than with oatmeal!

Oh I'm sorry - Are you drooling? I should have warned you I meant S'mores Oatmeal. Slipped my silly little mind! I needed a little oatmeal inspiration and where do you go to find it? Why Kath Eats of course! Her oatmeal page is ridiculous and when I saw the words "S'mores Oatmeal", I knew I didn't even have a choice in the matter. I ran upstairs and grabbed my hidden Chocolove stash (I have to hid it from myself, is that sad? Just lie to me and tell me it's not) and this was born!

Some serious awesomeness. It was wayyyy filling, I was practically shoving the last few bites in my mouth. And you know me, I had to top it off with a little White Chocolate Wonderful of which I'm running dangerously low on... this could become a problem... Who's down for a Whole Foods run with me? I'll drive!

fit happenings.
Is it possible that my abs have already gotten flatter or am I just thinking that because of the massive amount of sore I'm in? I'm gonna just say they're flatter anyway to make myself feel better! Today is my first day off and I'm feeling weird about it, like I should be doing something still - ever get that feeling? I'm sure a little break is just what my abbys need though! Seriously, I'm not even a week into it and I'd recommend OhSheGlow's Challenge to anyone.

Speaking of OhSheGlows, I totally won an auction at the SHOP 4 A CAUSE yesterday!! I'm pretty stoked about it because I've been debating getting a fitness watch for a while now and when I saw one up for auction yesterday, I just had to jump on it. And no worries, I'll show it off to you guys just as soon as I get it. (:

Did anyone else participate in the auction yesterday? Or even just stop by? It was so well organized, I'm really impressed with Angela and her whole setup, for that matter.

Okay well this little girl has lots of running around to do today! Plus I need to fit in time to run a couple miles (I'm tapering off for Saturday), make these awesome looking veggie burgers I saw the other day and clean my room since I totally have been ignoring it for the past few days.

Catch ya later my blog loves!


  1. I am loving the smores oats girl!!!!! What a sinful breakfast!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!

    Oh White Choco WOnderful is so good!! I want to go to whole foods with you! Would be a blast!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Yay for your abs : ) woot woot!!!!


  2. Ummmmm YES some major droolage happening here!! What an awesome start to the morning!
    Congrats on the fitness watch! I didn't bid on anything but I was oh so tempted... definitely tons of fab items and I think it's great that so much $$$ was raised. :)

  3. Drooling..yes all over my desk at work. I need more marshmallows in my life for sure!

  4. This. looks. amazing. And reminds me of s'more brownies I made awhile back which are delicious but probs not as healthy as s'more oatmeal. =P

    I am ALWAYS down for a Whole Foods trip! Sadly the closest one to me is about two hours away, where I go to school. My Harris Teeter sells pb&co though! I have yet to try White Chocolate Wonderful just because I don't like white choco but I'm so curious I might just get some anyway!

  5. Smores Oatmeal sounds like a pretty amazing way to kick off a holiday weekend :) YUM