Monday, May 10, 2010

Bests in the Burgh

Over the weekend, a couple girlfriends and I headed down to Pittsburgh for a little birthday celebration! I absolutely adore Pittsburgh and of course a couple trips to Trader Joe's were definitely in order. (:

Here are just a few pictures to highlight the insaneee time spent there:

All homemade rings - wayyy beautiful

Totally bought one of these and now I wish I would have bought 10

Sweet hippie dress I found in a sweet hippie store

Sweet hippie bracelets also in sweet hippie store

They really sell these?

I love mochi! seriously, I devour it whenever possible

The lady who served us at the Roland overheard me whining talking about how we missed the fresh produce market so she brought us out some strawberries she bought there earlier! Who said there are no nice people in the world anymore?

Umm a few treats we bought? lol

Delicious pad thai from Lu Lu's Noodles *heart*

Mmm pad thai makes me a happy girl!

Right before an amazing night out!

So what do you think? Time well spent? Definitely. Did I blow wayyy too much money on food? That's debatable I think.

Have you had a girls weekend lately? Plan on having one? Want to have one? Where would you guys go? My next trip is going to be Baltimore in June! I just love the inner harbor and the aquarium is out of this world!

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