Monday, May 17, 2010

New kicks

I love sneakers. I'd consider it one of my many addictions. You know, I never realized how many I had until I started blogging? I haven't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing yet!

Good or bad, I scored a sweeeeet pair of kicks yesterday! Limited Edition Virtue Sauconys! It was the very last pair and it was my size! I so love destiny.

Excuse the dark tint, you just can't find good sunlight these days. My favorite part: the lace-like flower detailing.

I also picked up a pair of new nike running shorts! I've had a gift card to Finish Line since Christmas and I finally decided to use it.

Is it weird that nothing makes me happier than new workout gear? After malling, my aunt invited me to dinner and I was only too happy to oblige her. They all had grilled steak, but my uncle was kind enough to grill me a salmon burger! What a great guy.

A salmon burger, enormous salad and greens with parmesan! You can see why I never turn down an invite. My uncle also had the gall to bring out a mini plate of assorted cheesecake bites!! Thankfully, they were a little more than half gone before he brought them out, but my cousins and I did some damage too, I think.

Cheesecake - it's my kryptonite. Is there any one food you can never turn down, even if you're full? 

Well loves, I'm off to start the day. I have a few things I need to do before work, the most important being shower and run - catch ya on the flipside and have a great day!


  1. haha well. Dessert of any kind really but brownies are my kryptonite for sure!!
    Love the new workout gear!! I love getting new clothes of any kind but especially workout gear!!

  2. Love Love the new kicks!!!!!!!! I was at Lady Footlocker the other day looking at kicks, so many cute ones!!! I love the shorts you got too!! I love pink : )

    Yummy Salmon Burger! I just picked up some salmon burgers today!!!

    Have a wonderful day girl! xoxo

  3. oooh i LOVE new workout gear!! your shoes are so cute! new workout clothes always motivate me to work harder on my runs/in the gym. sometimes i like to think i'm one of those women in the nike or underarmour or asics ads lol.. i'm such a nerd!
    i'm not normally a big sweets person and i normally don't have trouble turning it down (my stomach doesn't do so well with super sugary things), but i rarely turn down fresh fruit. i know this isn't at all sinful or indulgent, but i just love it. watermelon in particular... i've had a few watermelon babies, and when i was in the dominican in february, i think i ate a canteloupe at every meal (gotta love all inclusive!!!) :)

  4. Those are my favorite running shorts. They're perfect. New shoes make my heart sooo happy!

  5. love the trim on the new shorts!