Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You know how you have those days where everything goes according to plan? Well, my yesterday was nothing like that.

I had it all mapped out a little something like this: after work run 3.5 miles, shower, hit up starbucks to work on my website and grab dinner, get my grocery shop on and end the day baking the avocado cake I've been dreaming about since seeing it on Hillary's site. Where oh where did it all go wrong you ask? Why, at the very beginning of course.

Just as I was about to head out for my run, I got a text from a friend asking to walk that I've been too busy to workout with the past few times she's asked. I didn't want to tell her no again so I nixed the run and went for an hour walk instead (doing the same mileage at least). This obviously took way more time than I had planned for, but it was still a nice to slow down for once.

I ran home to take my shower and surprise! My whole extended family is there for a dinner I knew nothing about? Figures. After dinner, I thought I'd save time and stay home to work on my site, which I did for a while - until my starving boyfriend called begging for dinner. That somehow turned in to me driving around for about a freakin hour and by the time I was done, all the grocery stores were closed = no avocado cake. I was crushed. Crushed. And I was running so late, I had to speed shower in order to get to bed on time. My bedtime deadline is no joke, people!

All in all, I got about nothing done I had set out for the day. Sigh.

However, today is a brand new day! And since yesterday was so unsuccessful, today is bound to be wrought with accomplishments. I feel karma tipping the balance in my favor (:

fresh eats.
So I had this awesome idea for breakfast today - in my head at least. In reality, not so much. I was feeling something savory, so I thought a pesto, mozzarella and egg sandwich would be bomb. Yeah, it was a bomb alright. It probably should have stayed in my head. Terrible! Yuck, so gross. I ate the whole thing because I didn't have time to make anything else, but I will definitely NOT be making it like that again! No worries though, I've got a couple new ideas floating around in my little brain that should make it edible at the very least.

To make up for the sucky breakfast, I had a yummy nut butter wrap as a snack!

I may have went to town on the White Chocolate Wonderful...

Folded a la GirlMeetsHealth style, of course. Deeeelish! For lunch, I decided to brave The Oven and make my own healthified pizza. I grabbed this little bundle of joy:

And made this little piece of heaven.

My own personal whole wheat thin crust cheeeeese pizza. Close up please?

I will definitely be doing this again! I wish I would have thought to pack some veggies for toppings though. Next time for sure!
  • How do you deal when nothing goes according to plan?
  • Favorite pizza toppings! I want them - now.
Now, let's try to make this a better day - I'm off! I'm switching rooms so I have a lot of moving around to do plus I still have to workout and make dinner (best veggies burgers ever anyone?). Have a good night bloggie loves!


  1. Hello love!!!!!!!!!!

    Pizza looks delish!!!

    I like your attitude, make today a better day! I have to get to the gym today, Im slacking in the get your booty motivated dept today, lol!

    Have a great night love!!

  2. Ok, lovin' the pizza. My fave toppings are Greek Style: sundried tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, banana pepper rings, roasted red bell peppers, and feta. Hard to go wrong with feta you know.

    I have tried to learn to be better about rolling with the punches. Makes life more pleasant.

  3. I hope you have a better day today! :) It's all about keeping a positive attitude, which you definitely already have. Fav pizza toppings are bell peppers, jalapenos, and roasted tomatoes.

  4. That pizza looks fantastic. I love black olives on mine!! And sometimes you gotta be flexible... which is something I know I need to work on =P

  5. You mean when nothing goes as planned, like today?! Agh. I take a lot of walks:) And listen to good music.

    Your pizza looks tasty!! I want some pesto and red onion on my personal pan!

  6. ... I have been CRAZY BUSY lately... you know what I've been doing?

    two egg + one wedge laughing cow --> "scrambled" in a mug --> into microwave for 1.5 min... or however long your micro takes to cook it...

    one wrap + 2 HUGE handfuls of spinach + that mug of egg n' cheese = The Most Awesome Easy Quick Delicious Wrap EVER.

    so yum.

    and that pizza? GAAH I want it !! :)

  7. seriously. DO THAT WRAP.


  8. love that pizza! yummm. one of my favorite toppings is ricotta cheese. I also love cherry tomatoes and prosciutto. and any kind of veggies. My boyfriend and i can only agree on mushrooms and onions so that is what i eat most often!!

  9. I put pesto in my omelets all the time. Maybe it's because I use feta instead of mozzarella that it is delicious? Speaking of pesto and feta, they are hands down my favorite pizza toppings

  10. Just had a pizza tonight and had both feta and ricotta...AND (unintentionally) jalepenos. They all worked!

    Best veggie burger: Walnut burger in Madison, WI :)

  11. Sorry yesterday did NOT go as planned at all. Days like that are the worst. I admire your attitude though, you always find a way to see the positive and make the most out of things. I hope today was awesome for you! xoxo

  12. Aww, life's great at throwing curves. Hate 'em sometimes, but what can ya do?

    I'm a spinach/broccoli/black olive pizza girl. (Back when I wasn't vegetarian, it was sausage and black olives). I'm loving eggplant on pizzas recently though - very strange, but so so good!

  13. Sorry abou the frustrating day!! I had one like that today...I had so much planned, and got 1 of those things done. And it was my day off! Sheesh. Well, theres always next time right?!

  14. Love pizza! I'm craving pasta and pizza these days. My favorite toppings has to be unique: like grilled figs, goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto, pumpkin, etc.

    Ah, I've had a lot of frustrating days before, too. I like things to work out exactly the way I plan it...but that is where the problem starts, because I'm such a perfectionist, I am unable to take changes to my plans.

  15. Your pizza looks delicious...pizza has remained one of my favorite foods, and I don't think it will ever change. I love roasted vegetables and goat cheese.

    I have a hard time adapting to change, and so when things don't go the way I plan, I get frustrated. I'm learning to take deep breaths, take a step back and dwell in the beauty of the present moment. Baby steps!

  16. I love your positive attitude about the day being a new day! And am loving the pizza! YUM!

    I had a meal fail yesterday, too! On to better things for the next meal!

  17. Hey sister! When my days don't go according to plan I just roll with it. I usually can't change it anyway. That's not saying I don't stomp my feet and let the bad words fly though! ;) My current favorite pizza topping is tofu. Ever since I had it at Mello I can't get it out of my head. Seriously..if you eat tofu..try it.

  18. i don't blame you - your breakfast sounds good in my head too! when my days don't quite go according to plan, i get a little frustrated but try to make the most of it (like my little bbq incident last night that i posted about today!)
    and my fave pizza topping are pretty much any veggie, and CHICKEN!!
    good luck with your room move :)

  19. I dream of genie? no- avocado cake! haha

  20. Sounds like a super hectic day! But that pizza definitely made up for it, no? Looks so tasty!

    My absolute favorite pizza topping is caramelized onions! Omg, SO good. Try it with goat cheese!

    Here's to a better, brighter, less stressful Thursday! <3

  21. When nothing goes my way I sleep. But something tells me your walk is much more productive. Hope today is much less stressful for you--and if it was me topping a pizza I'd throw every veggie I had on it!

  22. theres nothing like peanut butter on a tortilla wrap-- sometimes i'll add some banana sliced ontop if i have some or jam.. but this is such a good and healthy energizing snack.

    awe i was hoping u were going to say "well yesterday was EXACTLY THAT KIND OF DAY" lol

    xoxo <3

  23. hey!thanks for visiting my blog! i really love yours, what a great name! i think your pizza definitely makes up for the breakfast... even though your breakfast does sound kind of good despite how it turned out (?) haha avocado cake does sound really good too and i am awaiting pictures of it on your blog (for when you do make it, which i am sure will be SOON!)

  24. Oh my goodness your pizza looks legit! Hahaha

    Hmm I've had a pesto, egg, mozz sandwich before and from what I remember it tasted delicious. Maybe our pestos are different?

  25. I've used TJs dough twice this weekend. CRAzy...your pizza looks better though, you baller!

  26. Wow! Your homemade pizza looks delish! Sometimes it's nice to have a plain ole cheezy pizza :)

  27. Well, I usually cry OR try my best not to stress about it!! Your pizza looks fantastci though!

  28. I hope you ended up having a better day! When things don't go according to plan I tend to FREAK out unfortunately..

  29. This looks beyond delicious. SO worth turning the oven on :)

  30. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple! I L-O-V-E it!