Saturday, June 26, 2010


You know how I was talking about my running rut lately? Well I have my long run today and you know what? I'm totally feeling it. And that is thanks in a big part to Nichole and her awesome post yesterday about endurance. Check it out! I'm using it as my inspiration for this week (:

fresh eats.
While perusing through How Sweet It Is the other day, I happened upon a recipe I knew I just had to try. Whole Wheat Banana Coconut Muffins. Yeah. Whole Wheat AND banana PLUS coconut equals INSANITY! I advise you to make these immediately. They were so nice and moist and had just a hint of coconut. Seriously awesome job on this recipe. I would show you a picture - but they were eaten by my family almost immediately. Next time though! Because we all know there will be a next time. I also finished the last of my TJ's guacamole hummus yesterday. So sad. I guess it's time to break out Megan's recipe. I'm sure it's every bit as good!

For dinner, I was still feeling a little asian persausion. This time, however, I went Japanese. My favorite Japanese, acutally = Sakura's.

The building is lime green with cute white and pink flowers painted all along the walls. As if that wasn't enough for me to fall in love, they just happen to have the best sushi in town. And you know I got myself a feast, baby!

Let's get accquainted, shall we?

Miso Soup

Green Salad with Ginger Dressing

Spicy Salad - Octopus, Crab and Shrimp in Spicy Sauce

Orange roll - California Roll with Roe

I like to put the spicy salad on my sushi. I'm just so clever. So good. I think I could eat sushi every night and not get tired of it.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

I'm obviously assuming that everybody loves sushi. Not loving it just refuses to process. Okay, I'm off love bugs! I've got five miles to run, a boyfriend to eat dinner with and a room that needs cleaning. Aren't Saturdays just lovely?

Oh! And check out my Blogroll page! Totally updated it. (:


  1. Banana and coconut?! YES! My fave sushi is salmon + avocado. And let me know if you try that guac hummus recipe :)

  2. Yay on the run. Since I don't eat meat, my fave sushi roll is whatever they have that has veggies in it LOL. Funny thing, the hubs just brought some veggie rolls and wakame salad home for lunch.

  3. I often make the same assumption that everyone must love sushi as much as I do. I've been eating the stuff since I was little, so I consider myself a sushi expert. :) I love anything with tuna, spicy sauce, and avocado. I also really like fresh water eel!. Mmmm....sushi.

  4. I must admit I'm a little sushi-naive... I can't say I've eaten a ton of it! I really like tuna though, and every bit of sushi I've had that contained tuna was pretty tasty. Really can't stand the gingered salmon (I think that's what it is?) though!

    Your restaurant photos are SO much better than mine - I'll take ages snapping photos of food at home but I always feel so awkward whipping out my camera in a restaurant!

  5. Yummy sushi! I've been having major sushi cravings for weeks! I love yellowtail (especially paired with scallions or jalapenos) and salmon.

  6. I HAVE to make those muffins. Banana and coconut are my two favourite flavours!

    My favourite kind of sushi is just a plain old California roll. Simple, but so delicious!

  7. I don't like Sushi! :( But that place lookes amazing, I bet they do good hibatchi which is my favorite!!

  8. Oh girl I am loving that spicy salad!! I LOVE sushi!! I had some the other night too!!!

    Missed you! Just got back home today! Was so busy the past couple days, are u in pittburgh?! I got your comment about meeting up if I could when I was in town, ttys!! xoxo

  9. Is it weird that I actually feel pity for people who don't like sushi? haha it makes me sad to think that not everyone gets to enjoy how delicious it is!

    What kind of camera do you use? I've been playing around with my brother's digital camera, but he's only home for the summer so I need to plan ahead! Also, I'd be honored if you would consider blogrolling my little experiment - no pressure though!

    Hope your run went well!


  10. OMG just found your blog and I love it and you! I'm adding you to my reader stat!

  11. I loveloveLOVE sushi - I could hands down eat Japanese everyday and be happy. I cannot possibly pick one favorite - I am obsessed with Alaskan rolls, spicy tuna, Philadelphia rolls, and Rainbow rolls!

  12. Way to go with the run!

    What a cute place to eat! I love their building! I could eat California rolls and miso soup all day long!

  13. I basically want to roll in that spicy salad.

  14. What a delightful restaurant. I love sushi, but I am rather favorites are a simple salmon roll and a vegetarian roll. And of course a cup of green tea and some miso soup.

  15. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!! salmon rolls and avocado california rolls are my fav. oh wow ive got such a huge appetite/craving for sushi!!! <3

  16. Sushi is something I have cut out of my life and these pictures are killing me... I hate 'spoiling' myself and 'splurging' on buying it for myself. I only have so much willpower though...

  17. yuuuum, that meal looks incredible!

  18. love How Sweet and all her incredible muffins!! I also love your lime green sushi joint and all the goods you ordered. I always have to get miso soup with my sushi!

  19. I could eat sushi every day... (I make it at home sometimes... did you see my post a few weeks ago?) :)

    I have a few favorites... spicy scallop handroll, crab, and one I make is asparagus + mango YUM !!

    I am back to teetering on the tightrope of vegan again - but I may still eat fish...

    I don't know if I could go without my sushi :)

  20. I've never had that spicy salad before, but it looks so good--especially on top of the California roll--great idea! I'm so boring with my sushi. I like California rolls, cucumber rolls and pieces of Eel sushi. Mmmm..