Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll Take Ashton Kutcher Any Day

Hey bloggies! I was so glad to read that a lot of you eat like crazy when you're tired as well - it made me feel way less guilty about stuffing my silly little face all day - You guys rock!

fresh eats.
For breakfast today, I made some of Beth's Chiacakes!

Topped with blueberry syrup I made by nuking frozen blueberries and syrup together in the microwave. These were so good and so filling! I thought I would be able to taste the chia seeds, but I definitely couldn't. I would advise anyone to make these for a quick yummy breakfast soon!

For the rest of my eats today, I plan on making the jicama I bought over the weekend! Has anyone ever had this veggie before? I decided to make it into little jicama fries so you'll be hearing how that turns out later today. Oh yeahhhh.

fit happenings.
I've decided I am going to do the 5k this Saturday - friends or no friends! I figure I'm pretty bomb at making new friends anyway, so why not go if I want to? Thanks for giving me the encouragement I needed my little blog loves!

Oh and remember how I said I only have a week left of the Whittle My Middle Challenge? Well, now I'm thinking of setting a new challenge for myself. The Beach Booty Challenge!! I'm going to be posting more information soon, but it's going to be along the same guidelines as the WMMC. If anyone wants to join along with me, I'm thinking of having a giveaway at the end for all participants! Booty for your booty, if you know what I'm saying. What do you think? Anyone interested?

Okay before I go, I have something to rant about so stay with me. I'd say it's pretty well known that actors and actresses will devote hours of their time every day to get in shape for an upcoming role. Realistically speaking, if you work a full time job, go to school, take care of a family and still have some kind of social life, it's pretty much impossible to set aside daily three hour chunks to hit the gym. Even if it wasn't, I'm not exactly sure working out that much regularly would be good for you. But this is the kind of thing actors have to do and when it's basically your job to be fit, time isn't really an issue.  I can get that. So when you're done with that movie, I can totally understand why you stop exercising as hard. Apparently, however, Demi Moore doesn't.

According to an interview in British Magazine GMTV, Ashton Kutcher said:

"Unfortunately... I kinda wish that I hadn't (let her see the movie) because now she expects (my body) to look like that and it doesn't. You can't maintain that. That's not possible. I disappoint her every evening. I walk in to get ready to go to bed and she's just, 'Oh'. She's like, 'You know what that's capable of, you're not living up to your potential'."

Now, I'm not one to believe everything I read, but if this interview wasn't taken out of context, I'm seriously disappointed in Demi Moore. To project unrealistic goals on someone else is so wrong. And kinda selfish in my opinion. On the other hand, I'm truly psyched that Ashton Kutcher has enough self-confidence and realism to know that his movie body wasn't something he could keep up. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear differing views on this. You can read the full (albeit short) article here.

Well I'm off to run about a billion errands - stay classy guys!


  1. I love jicama. I usually eat it in a salad. I like the crunch.

  2. Really? I'll have to save some and try that!

  3. Maybe he should visit Demi's Dr? Jk:)

    I mean wth, a trainer, a chef, etc. What excuse do you have to not be fit.

    I am so excited you are doing the race!! That's what I like to hear.

  4. Ooooooooooooh love the chia pancakes!!!

    Love the beach booty plan, I need to join that, cause right now I got no booty! lol!

    yay for doing the 5k, I think its great you decided to girl! rock it out!!!


    Hope you do get that necklace!!! Love that you love the same things as me!! Muah!!!!!!!

  5. I would love to join a challenge if you made one! Good luck on the race, you will kick ass

  6. I'm guessing they took that statement out of context, they seem like a pretty jokey couple!

  7. Those pancakes look pretty insane. Mine never come out like that. Impressed.

  8. I like jicama! I am curious how those fries will turn out!

  9. I wish my hunger could hold off for long enough in the mornings so that I could have time to make pancakes like those! They look delicious!

    I think the pressure put on celebs to be fit is ridiculous. Personally I don't even really care if a guy is that muscular!

  10. First of all: LOVE Ashton!!!
    Second of all: your pancakes look fab.
    That's awesome that you decided to do the 5K! I expect a detailed race recap, obvs. I bet you will do great!

  11. I haven't read the article yet, but I will in the morning. I'm just shocked that such a comment came out of a woman. As horrible as this sounds, I could see it coming from a guy, but Demi? (or any woman, for that matter)?

    Go kick bootay on the 5k! Glad you're going for it!

  12. Those blueberries look so I just have to have blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Oh and I love jicama's so crunchy and refreshing!

  13. Good luck with your 5K this weekend! Also, I agree with your thoughts on Ashton's comments. I would take him any day.

  14. Well, if Ashton isn't feeling the love from Demi, I hope he knows he's welcome at my house ANY time. :)

    Good luck with the 5km - love your perseverance!

  15. good for you for doing the 5k! good luck with it! have fun making new friends :)

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog! And YES I think everyone needs to own the Women's Health Big Book of Exercises. It's $16 for complete genius. As long as you have access to free weights and the occasional cord machine you'll be fine.

    I've never been into strength training before I bought this book, it's super motivating.

    I'm going to add you to my blog roll...good luck on the 5k, I'm sure you'll do awesome!

  17. ive been wanting to make her chia cakes.. i think i should, i really should! umm just skimmed thru a few other posts and was so happy to see the jam on bread with egg combo. i thought my mom was crazy and i told her NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT MOM! haha.. damn.. i was wrong.


  18. Chia cakes? Interesting....

    Apparently Demi Moore is crazy. Seriousy. Who would think that about AK?

    Have fun at the 5k tomorrow!

  19. thank you for the lovely comment on our blog =) i like the falafel from street carts too, but next time you should try mamoun's. and have fun with your 5k!

  20. can't wait to hear the results of the race; you'll be glad you did it! happy weekend!