Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Call Me McGuyver

I want to start off by saying thank you all so much for your kind words and sympathy for the loss of my grandmother recently. I really, truly appreciate it. Free hugs for everyone! And also a big thank you for anyone who commented on my lovely little sibs - it's gone straight to their heads, I can assure you that!

But let's get down to business, shall we?

fresh eats.
In keeping with my peanut butter + chocolate theme, I didn't have a choice. I was forced by myself to make my yummy peanut butter pancakes again. But this time - better.

Behold! The Mega Peanut Butter Pancake. I had to flip this bad boy with two spatulas! Topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams sauce and with a side of sliced banana - I almost couldn't bring myself to eat it. Almost.

And yes, it was every bit as good as it looked.

I didn't exactly have a solid lunch because, to be honest, I'm a sucky lunch maker. But I did have this little gem I picked up on the way back from Pittsburgh. (Please excuse the sucky iPhone pics, this girl forgot her camera at home!)

Yeah. You read right. Guacamole hummus. I love guacamole. I love hummus. And I was right to assume that I'd also love guacamole hummus. Seriously, I may have just created a monster. I've almost devoured the entire container. Anddd I've had it for two days. And on top of that, ironically enough, I just saw that Meghan at The Oatmeal Diaries had whipped some up herself the other day! Uh oh....

For dinner, I really wanted to make something other than oatmeal. But at work, this beast is my only means of cooking anything:

The pizza oven. Classy. So, I had to attempt to McGuyver me up some grub! Or MacGruber it up, possibly, in this case. I decided on some french fries and a jam and cheese sandwich. I don't know why, but I've been in a real jam + cheese mood too lately. At least no one can say I'm not giving into my cravings.

I chopped up a potato and made some makeshift fries in a personal pizza tray. Score +1 for Alycia. Next I threw in my jam and cheddar cheese sandwich. I got a little artsy with this pic.

I've just got awesome skillz with an iPhone apparently. Don't deny. After a few seconds in this bad boy (since it cooks at a sweltering 500 degrees), I got this delicious gooeyness.

Yum much? Alycia = +5. Mean Pizza Oven = -35. And dinner was served!

Not bad, right?! I know, I was impressed with myself as well. I need my own reality show. You all know you'd watch it. Right now, I'm off to watch the newest Harry Potter, since Nichole has reminded me that I've yet to see it. And that just won't do when we're off at Harry Potter World!! (;

What's the best meal you've ever made at work? Or if you have any ideas on meals I could make at work (cause I'm greedy like that), feel free to share!


  1. Guacamole hummus? Could there be a better combination? How I wish I still lived in a state that had Trader Joes!

  2. Oh my goodness. Those peanut butter chocolate pancakes look amazing!! I'm craving them now!

  3. Oh, wow! Jam + cheese! I've never tried that duo (with the exception of cream cheese)! Did you use cheddar?

    And guacamole hummus sounds like the best invention ever. I love Trader Joe! :-)

  4. I NEED to pick me up some more Dark Chocolate Dreams. That picture reminded me of how amazing it is....the perfect pancake topper!

  5. wish I had that pancake for breakfast right now!

  6. OMG your pancake is making me salivate!! It looks great! I've never tried jam and cheese either - and probably would have never thought to put them together! In the kitchen of one of my previous employers, there was a panini press (which I was always tempted to steal because I want one SO badly) and I used to make some delicious sandwiches in it - I'd bring my fillings in containers and add them before putting everything in the press - I could have put Subway to shame!

    You could make your own pizzas in the oven... like use a whole wheat pita or something and bring some tomato sauce and chopped veg with cheese? Or a nice toasty guacamole hummus sandwich!

  7. Jam and cheese??? Interesting combo. I would never have thought of it, but see how it could totally work. I bring my lunch with me - almost always some sort of salad. We only have a microwave and toaster oven so I can't imagine making too much here. You could easily make wraps, quesadillas too perhaps.

  8. mmm pancakes! that IS a mega pancake and i am so jealous!!

    jam + cheese = amazinggggggg

    i love raspberry + gruyere mmmm

  9. I have been eying that humm-guac at trader joes! all the fats I love.

    that is definitely creative use of the oven. I love paprika on fries; I wish I used that spice more often

  10. I am soooo making those peanut butter pancakes. Peanut butter=my obsession. Its quite sad actually. I have never put cheese and jelly together...your pretty brave girl! I am so scared of trying new things lol

  11. Yum, I a big fan of jam a swiss cheese. I would eat it all the time!

  12. Haa. I feel like I was part of your daring adventure. I am not that creative. I can tell you how to make a big ol' mess by leaving soup in a microwave, that was a nice explosion.

    Those pancakes would make Elvis proud!

  13. That Peanut Butter Pancake with Dark Chocolate Dream Sauce looks TO DIE FOR. If you ever want to cook me breakfast, just let me know! :)

  14. Are you really going to Harry Potter world? I'm SO JEALOUS. I was meant to go to Hogwarts, but I missed my calling... sigh.... ;)

  15. WOW that pancake, girl !! it looks amazing. so yum. WOW. ;)

    kudos for gettin creative at work, that looks great to me!

  16. cheese and jam? Are you sure you're not preggo? Ick lol But kudos for your mad pizza oven skills!

  17. That guacemole-hummus dip sounds amazing! I haven't found that yet (or maybe I wasn't looking), but I must look for that on my next trip. :)

  18. oh you are my kind of food girl!! mm i love how u made ur own personal pan fries! those looked REALLY good. id love to top some salsa ontop of them and munch them up!

    haha MEGA PB choc pancakes! i love how two utensils were required to hoist those bad boys up!! thats too awesome <3


  19. I. want. your. pancake. NOW. It looks so so scrumptious! Tj's guac hummus looks gooood. But you should still try my recipe! =P
    Oh and I want to go to HP World so bad!

  20. That pancake looks soooo good. My man friend and I make reese's pancakes every weekend that kind of remind me of all of that awesomeness

  21. Oh my goodness.....don't even talk to me about chocolate for breakfast. That is a weakness of mine i tell you! I could place vegan chocolate chips in everything!

    Brilliant pancakes!


  22. I've never made PB pancakes - they look sooo good!