Monday, June 7, 2010

Fall for the Falls

Yesterday was the day. The start of the farmers market season. I was giddy with delight! I've been so jealous seeing other bloggers scoring dope finds for cheap at their farmers markets and finally my day came!! I practically skipped to the car as my aunt and I set out to the lovely little town of Chagrin Falls.

Get ready for some major picturage.

First of all, let me just say that I love Chagrin Falls. It's such a gorge place, even without the farmers market. Note to self: convince lame friends to spend a day there some time in the near future. If they refuse: find new friends.

There were a bunch of cute little stands, and a few things I wasn't expecting - like this booth selling goat cheese! They had some divine flavors like Cocoa Caprine, Lemon Scone, Herbs de Provence and Black Truffle.

I ended up rolling with the Cranberry Cinnamon Walnut.

Bomb. There was also a stand selling homemade pasta!! I may or may not have let out a little squeal of delight, but I swear, it wasn't really my fault. It's an uncontrollable thing, so please try to understand.

Papardelle is like my all time FAVORITE and it's so hard to find, it's just infuriating. My heart went all aflutter when I saw it amongst the pastas!

Get in my bag.

I also found a cute hippy guy selling hand packeted tea!

It was a tough choice between Green Pomegranate and Red Buzz-Berry, but in the end - Buzz-Berry won me over with all its extra fruitiness.

Ahhh the happiness. And what would shopping be without a little mood music I ask you?

Not nearly as much fun, that's for certain. After carefully stowing away my precious packages (and kissing them goodbye), my aunt wanted to go check out The Popcorn Shop which is this cute little store right on the falls that sells popcorn, nostalgia candy and ice cream.

It's pretty sweet, I gotta admit it.

I was tempted to get some Chocolate Blackout (for the listed medical benefits of course), but opted for some of these instead:

Someone get me a gold star!! I snacked happily on these yummy treats while my aunt went balls to wall. Just as we were about to leave and head to Mustard Seed Market (swoon), my aunt saw one of her favorite places:

Yep. Starbucks. No lie, they've taken over the world. I'm pretty sure that I could be walking down a barren street in Zimbabwe and pass by at least two.

A tall soy chia latte was had by yours truly and we finally continued on to our final destination: Mustard Seed Market!

If you live in the North East Ohio area and have not been to Mustard Seed Market, please stop reading this, get into your car and drive straight there. Don't stop at any red lights. Don't slow down for passersby. Trust me, they'll forgive you and it will be well worth the incarceration period you might receive. Seriously, this place is like a health nut's utopia!!

I got my first green juice here too!

The Grasshopper. This bad boy was packed with a shot of wheatgrass, pear, pineapple juice and mint. It was so good!! It's actually made me want to get a juicer! Any suggestions guys?

I also grabbed a yummy tofu pocket for lunch.

Marinated tofu stuffed with mushrooms, onions, spinach and more tofu! I was speechless. I really need to try to recreate this beauty, but to be honest - I suck at cooking with tofu. Practice makes perfect though, right?

And while I'm asking questions, could you end a perfect shopping trip any better than with a perfect vegan carrot cookie?

My taste buds will undoubtedly refuse anything I try to feed them for the rest of the week. My food is mediocre at best compared to the deliciousness of Mustard Seed Market. So sad.

Well lovies, I still have to run, make dinner and force myself to clean my room! Send me encouraging thoughts... and check out my guest post at Eater Not A Runner if you get hungry later (;


  1. Your farmer's market looks so legit! And I totally agree about Starbs taking over the world. Can't decide if that's a good or bad thing. Going to check out your guest post now! :)

  2. Maybe the cutest farmers market ever!

  3. I know right?! You guys need to come down for a little bloggie fun! I'll take you to allllll the cool places (;

  4. What a successful trip to the farmers market. Congrats on all your finds. I cannot wait to see what you do with that pasta.


  5. The farmers market looks amazing!! There is one in DC near me that I heard is amazing that I need to got to!! I am going to try this next couple weeks!!

    Love veggie straws!! I need to find portion controlled bags like that, because I could eat a whole bag!!!!!

    Love u girl!!!

  6. So jealous, the Farmer's Market near my doesn't start for another two weeks!

  7. I need to get over to our Farmer's Market!! If only for the delicious free samples :)

  8. i want some of that hippy tea!

  9. SOOO JEALOUS!! I haven't managed to make it to either of our farmer's markets here but I really want to! Yours looks amazing. That tofu pocket looks interesting too... I'm probably equally as talented as you in the tofu cooking department - can't say I've had much practice! Good luck with the room cleaning... I definitely didn't get to mine today!

  10. Oh I adore farmers markets, and that one looks incredible! Fresh pasta? So cool... and the goat cheese? Well, my favorite food is goat cheese, so that looks amazinG!

  11. Yes..get replace the friends who won't come there with ones that will! ;) Your farmer's market looks awesome. I'd love to dive into the lemon scone goat cheese!

  12. I LOVE Chagrin Falls and I have never been to that Market! I will have to look in to it on my next trip home!

  13. Woah stuffed tofu pocket!?! I've never even thought of that before but it looks AMAZING.

    I looove farmers markets! Looks like you picked up some nice treats!

  14. Cute farmers market!! I wish there was something like this around me!

  15. wow! this farmer's market looks amazing! cute town!

  16. We really like Mustard Seed Market, but it's a bit far for us to travel on a regular basis. We are only an hour north of Columbus though...which has a lot of great stores like MSM too! Have a great day!