Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippo

That's seriously what I feel like. I've been running on about nine hours of sleep total the last two days and I feel like I just can't get full! Weird, right? I swear there's science behind it, check out more on the topic here. I can't wait to get a full eight hours of sleep tonight and hopefully return to a state where I'm not shoving everything I see into my mouth. Does anyone else eat more when they're tired?

fresh eats.
Breakfast was a sunnyside up egg and jelly on 12 grain toast. I was running late so I literally threw tin foil over this bad boy and took it to work with me. Thinking about it now, maybe that's something I should do more often.

I was hungry again a couple hours later so I snacked on a banana and a Special K bar one of the patrons brought me.

After that, I was hungry again a couple hours later! However, I'm not one to avoid my hunger twangs, so I had an apple and a Nature Valley Oats n Honey bar [unpictured]. No lie - I was hungry again like an hour later! I tossed some TJ's Quinoa Duo in the microwave and gobbled it up with some shrimpies.

Delicious! Mind you, it's only about 1:00 by this time and I've eaten my way through about 1200 calories. What is the deal? Please someone, comfort me.

Dinner was kind of a new thing for me. Would you believe me if I told you I've never had a peanut butter and banana sandwich? Yeah, I'm that guy. Instead of just making a plain PB&B, I decided to put a little spin on it and make it monte cristo style baby!

Drizzled in a little honey and MMM so good. I'm thinking about entering it into The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition - but it needs a little more work first! I promise to post the recipe when it's just right. And you guys should definitely try coming up with a recipe! Who doesn't love peanut butter? And it's okay if someone doesn't because I love it enough to make up for a small peanut-intolerant country.

After work, I ran out to Woodmere for some supplies and maybe secretly for the sole purpose of buy more PB&Co. I saw these at TJ's and just had to grab them:

Honey Plantain Strips! I've never had plantains before though I've always wanted to. If they taste anything like these chips did then I think we're in business. Good job teej!

fit happenings.
In Whittle My Middle news, I'm already more than halfway through the challenge! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. I can hold a plank for two minutes steady now and Kelly and I are slowly working up for more. Yesterday was the midway mark so I took our second set of measurements. I haven't really lost much inch-wise, but I can feel my abs are flatter and more solid already. Kelly, on the other hand, has lost 3 inches total so far!! You freakin go girl!!

I'm also thinking about running another 5k this weekend. That is, if I can find someone to come with me. I hate going by myself - I get lonely, okay!? A few friends of mine have mentioned that they might come with, but that's not exactly concrete for them if you know what I'm saying. Time for Operation Peer Pressure! (:

After all of this snacking (and a WF/TJ run!!), I'm not exactly hungry for dinner. Finally! So I'm gonna shove my booty outside for some running and maybe throw together a smoothie later. What do you think? Peace bloggies!


  1. I just found your blog and am dying laughing at your rule--never ever go to Taco Bell drunk! That was so me in college!

  2. That monte cristo pb sandwich looks FAB. Make me one please?!
    And I am reading that sleep article now.. maybe that's why I am a bottomless pit?! I seriously an NEVER full no matter how much I eat! It's getting a bit ridiculous! I try not to count cals but I know that today by 1pm I had eaten about 1300. Oh well, at least it isn't like we're eating past the point of fullness right? Since that doesn't seem to exist.. =P

  3. i definitely know what you mean about the whole eating more when you're tired thing - i'm SO guilty of it as well! for me, it's usually a case of needing to try to keep myself awake to do school work... definitely not a good situation, but on the plus side, they're usually all healthy eats. your pb sandwich looks delish! and congrats on your whittling progress! :)

  4. Bottomless pit days always make me shrug. It's my body is storing up for winter or something! I'm pretty sure an evening run and a smoothies sounds like a grand plan

  5. oh gosh that sandwich! i love pb & banana. especially w/ honey! have you had marshmallow fluff? oh god you need some of that too.

  6. The quinoa and shrimp looks sooo good! Looks like shrimp fried rice.


  7. Oh. My. Yum. The grilled pb/banana sandwich looks and sounds soooo delicious! I bet it would be even more decadent with melted chocolate chips or nutella! Ahh, ok, I'll stop drooling.

    I was at TJ's today and ALMOST bought those plantain chips! Let us know if they're tasty!

  8. That quinoa looks great! From TJ's you said? Maybe I'll make a trip there when I go into "town" today.

    And as soon as you perfect, puh-leeze share that pb& banana recipe... YUM!

  9. I have days too where I seem to blow through most of my food early in the morning and afternoon- I figure, though, that if my body is craving fuel, I need to go with it.

  10. I definitely eat more when I'm tired! And even if I'm getting enough sleep at night, if I'm starting a new job or working on a difficult paper, I still get hungry!
    Those plantain chips have been tempting me at Trader Joe's but oh man I have a very difficult time showing any self control around plantains. They are like my favorite food of all time.

  11. that sandwich looks amazing! and that quinoa--i'll have to look for it next time i go to trader joe's.

  12. that sandwich looks like HEAVENNNN omg so so good!!! i love the drizzled honey on top too!!!

    that would be awesmoe to enter it into the great peanut expedition haha looks so fun!!!

  13. Hey Alycia! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Where do you live in PA? I always love finding a fellow Pa'er! :)

    You totally reminded me that I need to update my Meet Me page though! There were so many things out of date in there. :)

    Thanks again and I can't wait to read more about you girl.

    Take care!

  14. You can totally rock that 5K. Just put a bunch of songs on your iPod that are new, time will fly by.

    That PB sandwich awesomeness thing looks ah-mazing!

  15. I gotta try those plantain chips! I will let you know if I get the 30 day shred... I'd love a virtual work out partner to help keep me accountable! :)

  16. Good luck if you decide to run the 5k this weekend! I hope you can find someone to go with you. I don't really run, but I imagine if I did I would def need someone with me as well.

    I think its awesome that you listen to your body and feed it when it is hungry. You are making great food choices so I wouldn't worry about the calories!

  17. It's really easy to eat more when you are tired. :(

    PB & banana is the best! Your version looks delish.

  18. That sandwich looks ridiculously good - yum! I find lack of sleep = extra hunger for me as well. When you are up more hours, your metabolism is revved up and you are burning more calories than sleeping, I wouldn't worry about it. Awesome job - a plank for 2 min is intense!!

  19. I'm a snacking machine if I don't get sleep. Usually I only want sugary sugary stuff too. No good!