Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do You Text And Drive?

You wanna know what the best part about working at a gym is?

24 hour access, baby! I didn't get a chance to run before work so after we closed up, I reopened for myself to workout. On the schedule for today: 5x400. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant. 400 yards? 400 meters? I tried to turn to my friends for help and here are just a few of their responses:

"I think that's running 1/4 mile five times? So like, a mile and a quarter altogether?"
"Wait, you run?" (jerk.)
"Uhhh I don't know? Why are you asking me?" - the ever helpful boyfriend

Gee. Thanks guys. Good thing the internet never lets me down! After hitting up google, I found that 5 x 400 means running 400m or 1/4 of a mile (which is two time around the track I use) at race pace then resting before running it again. That didn't sound too hard.

But apparently sounds can be deceiving. I decided to sprint mine for a little bit more of a workout and boy did it kick my little booty!! I can tell that these are going to be the days I have to push myself. Today's agenda involves a three mile run AND strength training. I'll let you know how my poor jello legs hold up.

fresh eats.
I know I'm a little late to the party, but I made my first batch of banana soft serve overnight oats ala OSG. And wow - were they ever good! I think my banana soft serve turned out a bit runny, but still the taste was delicious! I'm excited to try her cherry bomb flavor soon!

Staring lovingly at my BSOO

Sorry about the terrible quality, but note the adoration. If there is anyone out here who, like me, has been living under a rock lately and hasn't tried these yet - you must. Simple as that.

Other eats so far today have included a carrot, orange and apple juice I picked up at Cindy's while grabbing a few essentials.

I've never had carrot juice before either! This is just a day of firsts, now isn't it? After the initial sip, I have to admit I wasn't that turned on to it. But I gave it another go and surprisingly liked it more. After the third sip, I couldn't stop guzzling it and it was crushed in a matter of mere seconds. I will definitely be getting more of those! This is now my second encounter with juice drinks after that delicious grasshopper at Mustard Seed. I really need to be working on finding myself a juicer!

let's talk text.
Sorry to switch it up on you guys, but lately I have been trying to make a conscious effort to not text and drive. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm very guilty of it. I've checked my bank account, texted a friend, tweeted, facebooked - all while not exactly paying attention to the road. I feel like I use the same excuse smokers do: I know it's bad for me, but I just can't stop.

Well, I want to stop. And I want you to stop too. So in attempt to help that along, I want to share with you a truly heartbreaking story about a girl I went to high school with. She was a couple grades under me and though we were never close friends, we would always talk in the halls and wave when we passed each other. She was just a sweet girl, really nice to everyone. And pretty, so pretty. She had the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen.

About a year ago, she was a sophomore in college and driving to see one of her roommates over winter break. She got a little lost and was on her phone, trying to get directions to her friend's house. They said she must have dropped her phone and reached down to pick it up. In that short amount of time, she went the center line and hit an oncoming van head on. She didn't make it through the crash. What was even more heartbreaking, if possible, was the fact that her boyfriend of 7 years had just proposed to her about a month prior. They had been together since they were 13 years old.

It's crazy to think of all the times I've looked down to see who was calling and looked up to see that I was halfway off the road. Or how many times I've made plans for later that night via text and had to slam on the breaks a little harder than normal once I realized I was way closer to that car ahead of me than I thought. All these times, I got lucky. My friend, however, was not so lucky.

I'm really not trying to get all preachy on you guys, but to me, it makes sense that if I'm going to take care of my body and spend all the extra time and energy to eat healthy and work out - why waste it all by being careless? I'm not so important that that text can't wait the five minutes it takes me to get home. So I'm really going to work on not using my phone at all while I drive, which I admit is very difficult, but I think it's just another part of being healthy.

What do you guys think? Are you guilty of driving under the textfluence? Any stories to share?

You know I always love to hear your views and opinions on things, so don't be shy! I'm off to run some errands, clean my freaking room (!!) and make dinner. Catch ya later loves! (:


  1. This is such an important topic! Especially for many of us who are always on twitter, facebook, etc. I think we all should try to do hands-free. Heavy subject, but I am glad you brought it up.

    Carrot juice, look out! I hear those Magic Bullets are popular, lol.

  2. ah, that breaks my heart. i'm so sorry that happened :( i do text and drive but i definitely will watch myself more. thanks for posting that!

  3. That's so cool you work at a gym! I'm glad I now know what 5 x 400 means! Never knew. And THANK YOU THANK YOU for encouraging people to stop texting while driving. That story is so sad and gave me chills. I am so guilty of sending a quick text on occasion but I am definitely stopping for good!

  4. I totally just got a juicer yesterday and already love it. I had a little accident using it this was my first time though ;) I try not to text and drive. If I do, it is usually only checking a text, not responding. This is such an important topic though, so good for you for getting it out there!

  5. What a horrible story. I do not, do not, do not text and drive. I can't even talk on the cell and drive (I have a standard). I was almost hit in a cross walk b/c some girl was texting her heart out and blew through the red light. She never looked up!

  6. Wow, what a story. I don't text and drive, but I am very guilty of still talking on the phone and driving. I am so jealous of your 24 hour access to the gym!

  7. You should get those bluetooth ear things and never take them off. I hate those people.

    Yeah I cannot text and drive AT ALL. Thanks for sharing the story!

  8. I so need to get on the banana soft serve boat! Looks good!

  9. hahaha that is the best pic ever! big cellphone rammed into a car hahaa

    omg ur gym looks fabulous! i wish we had one that big with a track indoors. but yea 34 hour gyms are quite amazing. at first i used to think (who would need to be open all day and night) but u soon realize some people work out at all different times of day. especially for early morning workout peeps like me.. id love to do something super early but most places arent open til like 9am which sucks.


  10. You're so lucky your gym has a track! I wish mine had one too. It is 24 hours though, which is definitely a plus.
    Here, talking on the phone and/or texting is illegal (as of Feb I think), so that is what stops me from doing it... no tickets wanted here! I used to be very guilty of texting while driving though.
    I'm definitely giving into the overnight oats trend too - late as well! I'm still trying to break my morning addiction to the veggie scramble... overnight oats are on the list for next week! :)

  11. OMG that is such a sad story :( I honestly do it, but I really need to stop. I almost rear ended someone the other day because I was trying to correct a spelling error in a text and wasn't paying attention. Yikes!

    I haven't had carrot juice either but I want to try it now!

  12. I have that same bad habit. It recently became illegal to talk while driving in PA, but I still shadily hide my phone and text. I'm really bad about checking my email while driving. I actually got into my only car accident while texting in the rain. I'm definitely better about it, but haven't stopped completely.

  13. I'm guilty of texting and driving, but I've been making a serious effort not to. In fact Friday night a text came through and I called my friend rather than texting back. It was the first time I'd done I know I'm making progress.

  14. Your gym looks so nice! Mine doesn't have a track or a pool or anything.

    Thank you for posting that story! How heartbreaking. :( I don't text and drive because I don't have multi-tasking skills at all!!

  15. I literally have chills. Thanks for sharing that story! It's a huge wake up call. I watched an Oprah where she addressed this issue and it's a HUGE problem! I am also guilty of it! You just never think anything bad can happen to you! i'm going to be sharing this with my blog!

  16. Thanks for posting about this. and for being candid about your own behavior and wanting to change :) the story of your friend is incredibly sad.

    I too used to text, etc, while driving - same manner you described - checking bank accounts, etc... once I was scrolling through numbers to call a friend, and drove through a red light. I hit a car in the intersection... THANK GOD it was NOT bad, nobody was hurt, car had damage but that's material... I STILL think of what COULD have happened and feel incredibly blessed that #1 it did not happen, #2, I was really spared and given a pretty good lesson... I don't do that anymore... in fact, Oregon recently passed a law - we cannot talk or text while driving. Talking must be with handsfree devices.

    thanks for sharing, thanks for an awesome blog I read daily :)

  17. What a story, thanks for sharing. I never text and drive, but I have friend who does and it is so terrifying. No text is that important!

  18. absolutely heartbreaking. since they were 13? oh my gosh a tragedy indeed. I actually don't drive (live in the city / don't own a car / rely on others and public transportation.) I can text to my hearts content and not have to worry thank goodness!

  19. Thanks for posting that story! I keep telling myself to just put the phone in the glove compartment til I'm done driving. This story will help nudge me for sure.

  20. what a tragic story. NC passed a law earlier this year making it illegal to text and drive. And I'm so grateful since it's an extra incentive and reminder to not do it!