Monday, June 28, 2010

Fudge Babies

Is anyone else tired of all this rainy weather? Every time I look outside, it's just so gloomy. I seriously need to consider moving to a sunnier locale. North East Ohio just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Who wants to take me in!?

fresh eats.
Remember those delicious coconut banana muffins I previously stated were all gone? Well I had forgotten I slipped a couple away before the wolves (aka my family) descended and froze them! Hurray for pre-planning!! I snuck one out yesterday morning and topped it with a little PB&Co.

These will be made again. Soon. Possibly tomorrow. More likely tonight.

Dinner last night was an Italian Grandma special: Funghetti!

It's definitely in my top five favorite pasta dishes. Funghetti, for those who may not know, is mushrooms in an aioli sauce over pasta. Really simple and quick to make, it's basically a mixture of olive oil, mushrooms, spices and pasta topped with romano cheese. I could throw in an exact recipe if anyone wants it, just let me know!

After dinner, I began a project I've been putting off for a while: Blog Renovation. Of course, a headache quickly followed. Apparently I'm not very cPanel savy. To relieve my blogger woes, I decided to make a batch of these Fudge Babies I've heard so much about.

I wasn't exaclty sure if I'd like them or not, so I halved the recipe and made eight different varieties. I give to you: My Little (Fudge) Babies!

Aren't they just the cutest?! I made two of each kind: original, cocoa dusted, smores (with a mini marshmallow inside and rolled in graham cracker crumbs), chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut butter glazed, and sugared. I haven't tried them all yet, but I can admit that I like them more than I thought I would. I'm not really a date kind of girl (I'm the marrying kind haaaa), but these were pretty tasty. Thanks Katie!

Cut to today - I really didn't know what I wanted for breakfast and I spent some time last night thinking about it before I fell asleep (tell me I'm not the only one who dreams about breakfast!) when it hit me. Cereal. I know it seems like a Duh! kind of statement, but I realized that I spend so much time making pancakes, oatmeal, overnight oats, omelets, scones - that I've basically forgotten the classic!

Of course, I had to decide I wanted cereal the day I ran out of almond milk. I had about 1/4 cup left so I threw that in there on top of some Three Sisters Honey Oaties, chia seeds, half of a banana and a scoop of White Chocolate Wonderful. A pretty satisfying meal if I do say so myself.

fit happenings.
Consider my running rut officially ovahh! On Saturday, I ran my five miles in 52:10. Way slower than my PR, but hey, I'm getting it done baby. No complaints here. In an effort to get organized, I've decided to start planning and posting my weekly workout schedules. That's prime time dedication for this chick, believe it!

Not too shabby. I don't know though, I feel weird doing only strength training on certain days. I'm a heart pumping cardio junkie! Maybe I should throw some cross training in there?

In Urbanathlon news - you probably all thought I dropped it, didn't you!? - they finally put up their training program! Well, sort of. They put up the first segment which covers weeks 1 thru 3. And it looks pretty legit guys. If you're curious, you can download it here.

Five pages of pure awesome. I'm still working on finding a partner for this adventure, however. Someone will eventually give in to me!! I'm persuasive like that. Trust me.

  • What's your go-to breakfast in the morning? How often do you switch it up?
  • Do you make a weekly workout schedule? If you do, do you follow it?
  • Do you want to do the urbanathlon with me? Actually, forget that one. I know you do.
I'm off loves! The rest of my day looks something like this: Run. Shower. Blog stuff. Dinner. Fudge Babies. Have a good day!


  1. My go to breakfast is totally oats. I cant get enough of is quite an obsession of mine.Like you, I lie in bed thinking of breakfast, but more thinking of new oat creations ;)
    I totally just made a workout schedule today. I try and follow it, but some days I feel like my body needs something else or more, so I change it up.

    The fudge babies look so so yummy. I have some dates left...I should whip some up!

  2. I have only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks but I am so mad because I would totally do Urbanathlon with you, except, I have this other thing (my wedding) that day! DANG IT!!!

  3. Ooh that first picture got me.. I want to grab it off the screen!! Ahhh!
    And fudge babies are the best. The only problem is I can eat so many of them at one time! It's funny you talk about cereal because I rediscovered it yesterday. SO good! Andd you are awesome for doing the urbanathlon.. I'll live vicariously through you :)

  4. I love cereal with yogurt and fresh fruit. That pasta dish looks delicious...anything with mushrooms wins me over. Good luck on training for the urbanathlon. How exciting!

  5. I absolutely love mushrooms - I don't know why I used to hate them!

    My go-to breakfast is a yogurt mess or eggs, I try to switch it up everyday other day or so :0)

  6. Please please please post that fungetti recipe - looks delish!

    When/where is the urbanathlon? It looks intriguing/intense/awesome!

    Also, is it any comfort to you to know that CT is equally yucky weather wise? The last week has been super humid and hot, and it has rained pretty much every day at some point. Yuck!

  7. Pasta and any type of mushroom sauce is one of my favorite combinations. SO SO good with homemade pasta too! I love TJ's European yogurt with frozen fruit and a nice Ezekiel EM w/ PB or cheese :)

  8. I'm gonna try that fungetti... looks AWESOME !! :)

    I work out each day, but I haven't had a schedule in years... I have a loose plan I follow. :) and sometimes it depends on the weather! if it's nice (not raining, or not too hot) I'll go for a run outside... otherwise treadmill it. Jillian has been kicking me regularly lately too, with Shred + No More Trouble Zones. LOVE Shred... NMTZ - oof! :)

    I have First Breakfast... then workout = run, then Second Breakfast. First B is always a smoothie. Second is where I switch it up - egg, oats, protein pancake, cereal. :)

    YAAY for urbanathlon! :) I just love to say that word :) you're awesome!

  9. Funghetti!? I love it...sounds delicious...! My go to breakfast is oatmeal or a big old yogurt mess...on the weekend I reward myself with a delicious fresh NYC bagel (the best!). Oh and I don't really have a workout schedule...just try and run 4x a week and do some strength at some point...usually it works out!

  10. I generally go for oatmeal (when it's not a thousand degrees outside like it is now) or some sort of yogurt + fruit + cereal combination. Fast, tasty, nutritious....

    I have a weekly workout schedule now b/c I'm following a marathon training program. I feel like I keep more focused with my workouts if I have a plan in mind...otherwise, I end up doing the same thing day in and day out because at heart, I'm lazy. Lol. For a healthy living blogger, that is...

  11. My go to breakfast is always a some fruit and yogurt. I do plan my workout schedule for the month, but if something comes up I just go with the flow.

  12. Funny - I've pretty much forgotten about a regular bowl of cereal too. I almost always have oatmeal of some sort. I make up a weight workout schedule, but wing it with cardio. I have a general idea of cardio, but I leave that open to do what I feel most like doing.

  13. Dear LORD those muffins look good!!

    Also I try to have a workout schedule every week, this way my mentality is that I have to follow it. Works the best for me!

  14. omg that's so weird.. i was actually thinking about what to do for 'try something new tuesday' tomorrow, and having cereal for breakfast definitely crossed my mind! i haven't done that in so long! i feel like it will be a game time decision though...

    congrats on the run! i'm a cardio junkie as well. if i don't leave the gym sweaty, then i haven't been there long enough!! :) i do make a weekly workout schedule, but it usually revolves around teaching spin and my 2 personal training appointments.. i still try to get a bit creative with the other days though.

    your urbanathlon sounds so exciting! can't wait to hear a full report! :)

  15. Oh yes...a recipe is definitely necessary ;)

  16. Your fudge babies look so yummy! I love the fact that you made a variety of them to see what you liked!

  17. I've been thinking about the urbanathalon ever since you posted it! I have a friend in Chicago and I was going to try and get her to do it with me...we'll see how that goes.

    I'll download the training program--that's half of what was holding me back. I need to make sure I'm strong enough for this!

  18. I'll take you in. That is if you don't mind sunny and blue skies and a dry 80deg ;). I live about 30min south of San Fran =)

  19. Oh fudge babies look delish! Katie has so many awesome recipes!!!

    My to go to breakfast is overnight oats, a bowl of cereal, or a bar and some type of fruit!!

    No Im not moving back to the burgh : p would be cool though!! Muah!

  20. I am still laughing over the date. Har har.

    That's it, I must find someone and do this Urbanathlon. It's torture to watch you have all the fun!

    As I get ready for a few races this fall I'm going to have to be more disciplined.

  21. My go to breakfast is usually cereal and I only switch it up when I run out. I'm boring.

    Also, I'm training for a marathon (or trying to train) and I definitely need to make a workout schedule. I have a difficult time staying motivated!

  22. the 3rd fudge baby from the very back (on the right) looks the tastiest to me.. and the PB slathered banana coconut muffins are making my tummy GROWL!!!

  23. Funghetti looks so good. I recently realized I like mushrooms. Who knew?

    So I'm looking at this urbanathalon. It's like a race with obstacles right? It looks pretty awesome.

  24. go to breakfasT: granola cereal, yogurt, + banana...I'm boring haha

    those fudge babies look delightful!

  25. Cereal is always a good choice, even though it never fills me up very long.

    That Urbanthon sounds great.

  26. I dream about my breakfast's usually what gets me up in the am! My go-to is usually oatmeal, Cheerios with sliced banana or an egg-white and cheese sandwich on wheat toast. I always know that any one of those three things will satisfy me no matter what!