Friday, July 16, 2010

Found: A New Obsession

Happy friday everyone!! I'm super excited to get this weekend rolling. I've got plans, guys, plans. But first, I think I promised you a recipe? Ohhh that's right - zucchini! It would seem I'm finally starting to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Well, actually the veggies of my labor. Yesterday, I pulled this big boy from the garden:

No lie, this was a two pound zucchini. And when life gives me a ginormous zucchini, I make zucchini fritters. I went online, snatched a recipe from Simply Recipe and made the simple switch from all-purpose flour to spelt flour (can you tell I'm getting addicted here) and voila! My zucchini was fritterized.

Technically, you're supposed to eat these with sour cream, but unfortunately we had none. So I otped for ketchup, cause I'm classy like that. Or I'm five like that. One of the two.

These turned out okay. They were a little softer inside than I think they were supposed to be, but that was probably a my bad. They clearly stated you had to squeeze the water out of it completely and I don't think I did a very good job. Oopsies. It was also a little blah tasting, but still it could be good with a few tweaks.

Now worries, I've got a killer recipe to make up for it! Dinner might have been eh - but breakfast today? Now that's where it's at! I've been tired of all my old breakfasts lately so I've been trying to switch it up. This morning, I thought I'd give whipped oats a try.

Seriously, I think I might eat these every day for the next week. No lie.

This would be my own little banana bread version. I wasn't exactly sure how to whip my oats at first, but apparently it's as easy as taking an immersion blender to your regular oats. Who knew?!

Banana Bread Whipped Oats
1/3 cup oats
1/2 smashed banana
1/3 cup almond milk
1/3 cup water
1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp vanilla
dash of cinnamon
1 Tbsp chocolate chips

Mix together banana, oats, milk, water, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon and cook as you normally would. Remove from heat and whip with immersion blender (could also be transferred to a food processor). Top with chocolate chips and a few raw oats. Eat happily.

The only thing that could have made these any better would have been some crushed walnuts. I've really gotta get my little hands on some of those pronto. Make these and I promise you will be a convert. I know I am.

Today is normally my rest day before my long run in the morning, but I think I'm gonna break the streak and fit my abs routine in today since it's Friday night! Time to party bloggie loves (:

What are your plans for tonight?

You guys better be having some fun! But not too much fun since I'm not there. And I've pretty much put a patent on the fun. Now you know.


  1. I have never even thought to make zucchini fritters! We've been eating lots of zucchini lately, I might have to give these a try!

  2. OMG I just bought zucchini today because it was on sale! Now I need to make those fritters!

  3. Love zucchini. Yum. Tonight is Pizza Friday and we're about to play a bit of pool while the dough is rising. Have a great evening girl!!

  4. Those oats look awesome! Is it bad that I'm almost considering not making them because the idea of blending them seems like to much effort? That's the queen of lazy right there.

    I'm not doing anything fun tonight.. at all. Haha. I'll probably watch a movie.. maybe. This just means that you need to have double the fun to make up for my lame night. ;)

  5. Zucchini fritters look really good to me, they definitely have potential. Your oats look wonderful! I really need to try whipped oats.

  6. Those zucchini fritters remind me of the potato pancakes my dad used to make. I love the texture that shredding gives them!

  7. Those oats look great! I think it's the slightly melted chocolate chips that really seal the deal.
    Tonight I swam a practice and later I'm going salsa dancing! I'm thinking of breaking out a cute halter top. My usual salsa attire consists of jeans (or sometimes Lucy pants, no joke) and a t-shirt, so people could be shocked!

  8. What a beautiful zucchini! I wish I had my own garden so badly...all of these blogs are making me jealous! But no, I'm really excited to see so many gardens and so many wonderful meals created from homegrown produce.

  9. I just made zucchini fritters this week and loved them!

  10. Hi peanut! I love the look of those fritters. Do you know Zuchs are my favorite veggies? I would eat them 24/7 if I could - and nearly do. And those oats - well they look damn good. You go girl. I hope you had fun last night. Today - I am taking my sister in law for a make-over. 1990 called - and they want their jeans back:) xoxoxo

  11. 2 lb zuke?! wowza! and your banana oats look so. amazing. i need to start adding choco chips to mine!! i love melty chocolate :)

  12. Mmm, that looks fabeesh! I have yet to blend my oats, can you believe it?

    My best friend and her hubby are driving over and we're doing dinner and a screening of The Godfather at my city's downtown theater, and then maybe a few glasses of wine back at my place. I can't wait!

  13. I have been searching and searching for a good zucchini recipe and have finally found one! :) They look great girl!

  14. Next you should combine your zucchini with your whipped banana oats and make zucchini banana bread! Delish!

  15. Ooh your zucchini fritters look amazing! But yeah, it can release a lot of liquid, so you need to squeeze the water out well.

    I've never tried whipped oats before...I'll miss the texture of regular oats, though.

  16. btw that cheese puff in ur festival pic photo looks INSANE!!! i was salivating :P

    then i came HERE and saw these zuchinni fritters and now im straight up drooling! im REALLY impressed, especially the crispy edges!! <3

  17. Goodness me. I bought a ginormous zucchini at the farmer's market today, and now I may need to fritter-fy the poor thing! Those babies look delish!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  18. Oh. My. God. I need both of those things in my life like RIGHT now.

  19. the fritters look SO GOOD. I'm sorry they weren't the best but maybe next time!

    PS I'll never get sick of you telling me you want to move to Boston. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right, cause i love it here so damn much. (you should move here!) ;)

    Hope you had fun partying Friday night. I know I did!

  20. Everything looks delicious! I must say, I was expecting Zucchini bread but was pleasantly surprised by fritters. I love fritters, I've had feta-zucchini fritters before, with a tzatsiki yogurt sauce, great combo!

  21. Wine, FRIENDS and the game of life! So childish yet fun.

  22. Zucchini is my go to this summer...loving the fritters!!

    Banana bread whipped oats...WOWZA!

    I was a loser last night, was WAY too tired to go out, my hubby was disappointed...guess it was sitting in the sun all day that did it!

  23. those oats made my mouth water!!! must try them :)