Thursday, July 15, 2010

Festival Time

Okay guys! Hopefully this will be the quickest post ever because I'm pretty sure Border's is about to kick me out! I'll give them an early Thursday closing time...

Well it's the middle of July here in North East Ohio and this is a very special time for one reason: Festivals. The World Famous (in my world, anyway) Mt. Caramel Fest started up yesterday and yours truly was not about to miss her chance for a cheese puff. Let's get real here.

I couldn't resist a close up. It's only once a year!!

This deliciously fried dough is filled with - you guessed it - cheese. Yummy, melty, smoldering., cheesey cheese.

Oh my god. Wait a second - I think my heart stopped.

You know how everyone has their nostalgia food, right? That one food that takes them back years and years ago to a lollipop and gum drop childhood. Well, when I eat a cheese puff, I feel like I'm eight years old again, begging my dad to let me go on the spinny rides even though I know I'll probably hurl up my puff. Absolute love.

However, every good festival goer knows that no cheese puff would be complete without a lemon shake to wash it all down with! And I know these are good because I used to work the stand as a kid. I'm sweet like that.

With a whole half lemon, mind you. Now that's quality.

If you think The Fest pictures are over - think again, my friend. This party is going strong till Sunday and I've got another acquistion on my mind. I'll give you a hint. It sucks.

You'll never guess it.

I'm loving your suspense.

:] --- that would be my evil smile.

Since I decided to go to the fair last night and eat fried foods and sugar water instead of going to the gym (which I totally DO NOT regret, by the way), today was a makeup for that little catastrophe.  I banged out The Fitnessista Total Body Sesh and then ran myself 4 miles. My splits ended up like this:
  • Mile 1 - 10:25
  • Mile 2 - 9:35
  • Mile 3 - 10:36
  • Mile 4 - 10:38
Don't look at me cause I have no idea what happened at Mile 2. I guess I just really wanted to get that one over with? And I totally did.

After my sweaty excursion, I ran out to the mall to grab some makeup and hit up Forever 21. Because I'm basically oblivious to the world 24/7, I somehow failed to notice that we were having an American Idol try out at the mall. Today. At the exact time I went. I really need to start paying more attention.

I was going to take a picture of the ENORMOUS audience, but I was being pummeled by impatient shoppers. I took shelther in the nearest Victoria's Secret. Which is where I found this little beauty:

I seriously love the smell of coconut. I love the smell of a sale more though. Only three bucks! Total score. My trip to Forever21 for an HLS cocktail dress was as of yet unsuccessful, but fear not. I didn't leave completely empty handed.

Stunna shades, baby.

Well I have to wrap this up. They're annoucing their closing time throughout the store and the espresso girl is giving me some warning looks. Have a lovely night bloggies and be on the lookout for a new recipe tomorrow - hope everyone likes zucchini!


  1. Love the shades! :) Festival food makes me want to DIE, in a good way. Love love love it.

    I wish they would do try outs in my mall! At least it would be entertaining!

  2. HOLY FRIED CHEESE are you kidding me!?! you stop it....!

    B&BW has a new vanilla coconut scent. well it might not be new to the store, but it's new to me...and it's GOOD!

  3. I love coconut too!! Mmm I bet that smells so wonderful. Cant wait for the recipe...I am so totally in love with zucchini. I used it twice today in my recipes :)

  4. That disc of cheesy goodness looks beyond amazing...I'm drooling

  5. Umm, YUMMM! I could NEVER turn down a cheesy, crunchy concoction like this...gahh. Jealous. :-)

    The lotion looks awesome! Victoria's Secret carries another coconut lotion called Coconut Passion...I have a bottle in my bathroom, by my bed and in my car. Yep, it's that good.

    Loving the shades! TGIF :-)

  6. Hells yes, I would totally go for the fried cheese puff! Things like that are worth the annual splurge. :)

  7. I'd be all over that cheese puff. For real! Coconut is one of my favorite smells too. I just bought a new lip balm and the coconut smell makes a bad work day a little better.

  8. i love town festivals! theres a great one up by my grandparents and i always go for the homemade italian food. and OF COURSE the lemonade!! looks awesome! great purchase at VS! i have the body rush products in "cupquake" haha enjoy!!

  9. I do indeed love zucchini so I'm looking forward to the recipe. I so rarely hit up Forever 21. That place makes me a nervous wreck. There is surely some sort of system there right? Maybe not. I just feel totally lost. Maybe I'm too old to be going in there LOL

  10. I'm sorry, I got distracted by the hawt picture at the bottom. You were saying?

    I have been with a friend during American Idol tryouts

  11. Fried cheese and cute are a girl after my own heart!

  12. I'm from Ohio!!!! haha That's funny about running into American Idol auditions. :)

  13. haha that's so random about the American Idol thing! love your new shades!

  14. I love, love, love festival/fair food! We are headed to one this weekend and I cannot wait to eat!

    Loving those shades! Good luck with the dress shopping!

  15. OHMYSTARS I want that puff !


  16. Wahooo NorthEast Ohio!!! Sorry, got excited :) I'm in Cleveland.. hello fellow Ohio blogette!

  17. Hello Panini pressed cheesy goodness, Oh MY! Love your shades...and HOW do you get your hair so bouncy and full and sexy???? Secret needed! So funny about the idol try outs, you should of got a video!!! Hahah

  18. That cheese puff reminds me of the fried cheese curds I eat whenever I visit the Wisconsin relatives. Pure bliss

  19. Love zucchini, can't wait! Fried cheese, sales, and surprise American Idol try outs--that looks like one fun day :)

  20. That cheesy thing just made me weak behind the a good way! YUM! Love the shades!

  21. Ow my! What a great fair treat. And great job on the run! I have never been near an AI tryout, but I can only imagine how ridiculous it is!! You have gorgeous hair btw

  22. want that cheesy puff. want it now!!