Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giveaway Winners! Yay!

Okay guys - winner time! I'm just gonna cut right to it. I used the Random Number Generator just like everyone else. I guess that makes me unoriginal? However it does not make brownies taste less good. That's a fact.

These random numbers translate to:

1. Daisy [Indule, Inspire, Imbibe]

2. Kristin [Salty Tooth]

and 3. Lauren! [Clean Eats in the Dirty South]


You guys are the lucky recepients of some stellar Chickpea Brownies! And
whatever other goodies I can get my hands on. Please email your addresses to
fitnfreshblog @ gmail dot com.

Looks like I've got some baking to do! I'll be back later with some festival pictures! But right now, it's time for a run. See you guys in 4 miles (:


  1. Yes!!! I am so excited for those brownies!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Enjoy!

  3. Ahh the elusive lottery strikes again:)

  4. Darn, I saw "Laur.." and got all excited. Oh well, next time. Enjoy the goods!

  5. congrats to the winners - but I am bummed:( Such a sore loser I am:)!!

  6. Congrats to the winners! Enjoy your run love! :) Sorry I have been MIA, school has been kicking my butt!

  7. I'm all about Forever 21, any place where you can buy 3 tops for about 30 dollars has my wallet on speed dial! I'm so jealous you had an American Idol casting in your mall! I only watch the beginning episodes when they show all the people who "think" they can sing and are totally shocked when Simon verbally abuses them! I would have been there all day!

  8. oh heyy. Here I am catching up on your blog (clearly I love your blog) and I WON. my first blog giveaway win. thanks lady! emailing you now :)