Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Baby

It's so nice to be back! Thank you all for your support and kind words about my Aunt. I really love how much of a community the blog-o-sphere has become to me. Thank you all again so so much (:

Now on with the show!

fresh eats.
Okay, I have been dyyyying for a breakfast cookie for about the past week, but I kept forgetting to make one the night before! Every morning, I'd wake up and think "Breakfast cookie!" then realize you need at least eight hours for one of those bad boys to sit. Total sadness. So last night, I went all middle school and wrote BREAKFAST COOKIE in huge letters on my hand at the gym. Let's see me forget that.

Once home, I happily trotted to my computer, printed off the recipe and sashayed to my kitchen where I threw the ingredients together - only to discovered a mixture more like overnight oats? What? I reread my recipe. Half of a banana. Somehow in my giddy stupor, I put in a whole one. Weak! I looked across my counter. No more bananas. It was double this baby or forget about it. Of course, I chose to double it.

Here's hoping breakfast cookies taste even better after two nights in the fridge! For lunch, I was hungry for something old so I finally broke out the panini press and whipped up a Turkey-Apple-Spinach wrap. It was everything I remembered and more.

Seriously, these are ridiculously easy to make and taste SO GOOD. Throw a dab of mayo and dijon mustard in the center of a wrap, add a little turkey, some slice sweet apple (like fuji, gala, pink lady), a slice of cheese, a slice or two of red onion and a handful of spinach. I promise, you will be making them weekly.

Since I'm the best girlfriend ever, I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend and his sisters. Unfortunately, I can't get the three of them to eat a single healthy thing, so these were the Martha Stewart recipe with just a few tweaks by your truly.

I may have eaten one. Or four. Let's just say, my tummy is not very happy with me. I'm gonna have to have a hugeee salad beast for dinner to live up to The Fitnessista's tweet challenge and satiate my rumbling belly!

fit happenings.
After my baking spree, it was time to pay attention to my much neglect garden. And check out what I found!

Hello beautiful! You will make me a delicious meal one day very soon. I am getting way to antsy for my veggies to grow already! I feel like it's taking foreverrrr. Someone send me a little extra patience please?

I also wanted to mention that I got one of my newest fitness goodies the other day - The Fitbook! The pretty Miss Jennifer of She's A Fit Chick recommended it and I just couldn't resist.

I absolutely love it! It makes everything so easy to keep track of. Plus I love that you can monitor your food groups - I'm realizing that I don't eat nearly as much veggies as I thought I did. I'm gonna have to work on that! See? Already improving. (:

You can also track your workouts in your Fitbook so now I have a nice little place to keep track of my strength routines. Today I did the WH Rock Solid Abs workout:
It's such an awesome workout. You really get a pump on, definitely a must try if you're looking to switch up your abs routine. I'm about to top this off with a 35 minute HIIT run! I'm thinking 5 minute warm up and cool down with five 30 second sprints and 1:30 rests?

What's your favorite HIIT workout?

Okay loves, it's time to get my run on before Thirsty Thursday!! Oh yeahhh, you know what time it is! I hope you all have a great night bloggies - catch ya in the am (:


  1. I still have not tried the breakfast cookie. I love HIIT workouts period. I like to do a 30/30 run when I'm on the dreadmill. Cathe Friedrich has a new workout that's 3 HIIT workouts on a single DVD. So fun.

  2. Thats a HUGE breakfast cookie! I love those things. So darn delish!! My hubby is just like your bf..I have to hide the healthy! lol I am always trying to find new ways to trick him into eating healthy whether it be healthifying the cookies I make him or adding more vegies on his plate at dinner!!

  3. Cookie looks heavenly...oh yummm. I am going on a cooking / baking frenzy this weekend...or that's the plan tonight ;)

    (Sorry to hear about your loss..sending good thoughts your way)

  4. Ooooh I've been longing for a breakfast cookie lately too. If you can believe it, I managed to mess up my oats TWICE on Tuesday morning - how ridiculous is that?!? They weren't overnighters (I was experimenting with something new) and they exploded in the microwave twice. Fail. Oh well, third time's a charm!

    I love your veggies in your garden! I don't think I'd be patient enough to let anything grow though... especially not at the rate I've been going through salad ingredients lately! :)

  5. i am such a fan of martha stewart recipes lately! the cookies looks so good that i want to grab one through my screen! i have to write on my hand or send myself reminder text messages to remember to do stuff!

  6. Glad you love the fitbook girl! It's so cute right?!

    I am so jealous that you mastered the breakfast cookie! I haven't tried it yet but I really want to!

    Lovin' the workout. I'll have to give it a go. My favorite right now is the one I posted last week, the "200 tone up". It kicks my butt lol.

  7. I've never done HIIT. I'm so uncool.

    You are the best girlfriend. I let my boyfriend rub my feet. That is about it. And hugs every so often.

  8. Ohhh that is a beautiful zucchini! I want to grow some but there no yard to my apt. Well there is, but I think I'd get in trouble for planting things in it. Lol.

  9. Loving the look of the breakfast cookie! Your garden looks great!!

  10. I haven't had a bfast cookie in forever - yours looks SO good! For HIIT, I like increasing speed intervals over 5 min each minute, X 4 sets. It's my go to routine!

  11. That Fitbook looks great! I'm investing further:) I have such an issue really following through with HIIT, best way I spice it up is on a bike/treadmill playing around with speed intervals and intensity, maybe that counts:)

  12. That wrap has me convinced that I need a panini press. Can you post what the inside of the fitbook looks like? I'm curious. Or maybe they have it on the website?

  13. I have to sneak the healthy into my boyfriend's treats too!

  14. I am so not a patient person; gardening would KILL me! Looks like such a wonderful zucchini though - what are your plans for it?

  15. I love that you have a panini press. I mean, what?

    And I have a container growing and I'm finally starting to see some action. Sometimes I tell the green tomatoes, "Hey. Sometime I'm going to eat you."

    Yeah, I talk to my plants. It's cool.