Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day!

As I'm sure everyone knows, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I have yet to figure out something to wear. The weather here is so cold and dreary and I'm sure it won't be looking much better two weeks from now, but I simply refuse not to wear a pretty dress! Some of my picks so far are the following (click on the picture if you want to purchase any item):



Lulu's Hello Springtime Dress

Lulu's Flirtini Dress

How obvious is it that I'm deadset on something strapless? How obvious is it also that I'm deadset on something inexpensive? Although I won't decide on accessories until I decide on a dress, I found a sweet pair of shoes thanks to TheBudgetBabe:


No lie, I think I like these ones more than the original Fendi's. Is that wrong?

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