Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cardy Love

I think I have some kind of weird obsession with cardigans. Well, actually maybe I know. I constantly find myself drawn to them, even though I have a million. I just checked out the Urban Outfitters sale rack and ohhh did I find some gems! I purchased this:


and this in mustard yellow:

I can't wait till they arrive! I'm so excited! I also picked up this sweet button up in a dark burgundy

The cardigans were both only $20 each and the button up - $15!! I so love sales. I also got another 10% off by using the THINKSPRING promo. I've never purchased anything from UO before and I've been enticed by their BDG brand so I'm excited also to see what that's like. Definitely will be wearing them as soon as I get them.

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